Nagoya dating club "VIP Nagoya" 🙂

I don't know if you know, but our club is reallymoving^^;


Anyway, everyone is moving every day!

Every day I teach you how to use it, contact you, and support you every day 🙇

But such a daily life has become normal, and I am enjoying running it 🙂

I'm nervous about the order date💦


Are there any spelling mistakes in your reply?Isn't that a strange wording?

When I sent it thinking that, the other day, I got the name wrong 😢

I'm really sorry for the male member who made a mistake🥲

Speaking of which, female membersVideo upWe are adding little by little 💓


Since the release was earlier than I expected, the video couldn't keep up, and there are many photos only,

When I find time, I tell women that I can't do it, and they let me take pictures🎥

This is a difficult thing 🥲I think I shouldn't let women spend too much time, so I'm going to move forward quickly...

I can't take a good picture 😢 Some women are nervous, can't show their usual smiles, or become unfriendly...

So I came up with a plan, and I'm doing it 🙂

I can't say the details here, but I'm uploading it little by little😁

I have a lot of things I want to write about, but I'm running behind schedule, so I'll stop here...😅

I always say this, but I will do my best to operate in a way that makes everyone smile✊

Finally, thumbnails can be eaten at a ramen shop in Nagoyacold ramenIt is 🍜


My male member told me 🙂

This member is also a member of the Universe Club 🙂

You know Mr. Ma.I think those who know will understand 🤗


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