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Covering Universe Shinjuku


This is Yuna Seki, who I know every time.

This time we will introduce Universe Shinjuku.

When I think of Shinjuku, I get the impression that it's a nightlife town and there are a lot of stylish and flashy women.





I would appreciate it if you could pay attention to this and take a look.


Well then 👇 from here 



① Basic information

6 people including XNUMX women and XNUMX men, including part-time workers

I haven't talked to all of them, but they're probably all solid.

Just by exchanging a few words with them, I can tell that they are solid people who are good at their jobs.

Eldest daughter and eldest son...?It becomes.




Although it is in the city, it is not a busy town.

My office is located in a corner of the city where I can take a breather.

There are many women of various types and lines.

Since the office is divided into two floors, there are many reservation slots that can be booked at the same time.

It also has the advantage that many people use it.


③Chief characteristics (color of the team itself)

The chief is a very serious person and talks about his private and work life.

He is the type of person who has a distinct personality.

He is calm and collected and says clearly what he needs to say for the sake of the members.

If there is something that is not beneficial to the club, we will strive to improve it.

He is a professional who handles interviews better than anyone else and works hard and diligently.



④Staff characteristics

Who was in the office on the day of the interview?

There were four people: Mr. Hirakawa, Mr. Akai, Mr. Miyake, and Mr. Dan.

Everyone was concentrating on their work.

The overall impression is

“Be serious, honest, and do what you need to do for yourself.”Branch office.


Rather than a homely atmosphere,Let's work hard together

Fulfill your responsibility as a member of the teamIt felt like it was.


To be honest, I'm a particularly talkative person.

If you are assigned to this team as a staff member, you will be breathless and nervous every day.

Nervous Tuta makes me nervous, so maybe it's the Seven Warlords of One Piece?


But if you were a registered woman, you would want to be managed by this team.

(I feel relieved knowing that the Shichibukai will protect me)


When taking photos of an office, you don't have to go out of your way to change the position of the furniture and adjust the angle of view.

This team was the one that paid the most attention to me.



⑤ I want such a woman to come

⑥ You might want to say no to such a woman

⑦I want a man like this to come to me

Furthermore, since he is a very stoic member, he is very kind to the staff.
If they feel that you are a good man, I think they will try to introduce you with recommendations and detailed care.


⑧I'll show you inside the shooting office

⑨Please take lots of photos.It was

⑩ Checkpoints at the interview


Personally, I feel that as long as you keep track of the important points, you won't have to worry about this kid.

If it were me, I would go to the Shinjuku branch for an interview first.


“Interviewer likes you”attitude and responseKeep in mind.


I do this at every branch, but here there are a lot of women.

The number of interviews for each is completely different.

make a better impression in it

= It is difficult and requires effort to get people to remember you..

It's a busy branch.



However, even if the time is limited, they will do their best to see your efforts.

AndIf you get noticed, they will definitely do something for you.Only the staff.

A branch where your consideration and hard work are clearly visible..

Good luck!




How was it?

The personality and atmosphere of the staff are important for interviews and when choosing a franchisee to belong to.

Do you feel comfortable?

The fact that we have staff who are our favorites (in the club, we can trust them) means that

This has a big impact on whether or not club activities can be carried out comfortably.



By the way, I almost died from heatstroke that day.

Mr. Hirakawa took out his own chilled pita from the refrigerator,

God was asking me to take my time, and I felt like God was helping me a lot.

(The reason for the recommendation)



This is a cool branch that is very loyal to its members and rules.

I'm pleasure to be of some help.

Yuna Seki

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