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This is Yuna Seki, who I know every time.

This time we would like to introduce Universe Sendai.

I've arrived,Tohoku series!

I actually wanted to visit the place in person, but this time I will be doing an online interview as well.

For some reason, I have never visited the Sapporo or Sendai branch offices since I joined the company.

I don't have one, so I hope to be able to actually visit and interview them someday.


(Of course I have met all the staff)



What kind of people are there when you think of Sendai?

My image is of Sundamochi, beef tongue, and something a little closer to Tokyo...?

To be honest, I don't have much of an impression of it, but it gives me a strong impression that it's not rural at all.


So, what about the universe, or rather, what about the dad culture?

That's why I don't get the impression that Sendai has a culture of working with dads.

I had the impression that when I started working as a dad, I went to the Kanto region and said, ``Let's do it!''




What actually happens?



I would appreciate it if you could pay attention to this.


Well then 👇 from here 







Basic information.

Two-person system, one man (chief) and one woman.

A two-person team has been supporting Universe Sendai for quite some time.


This time, we interviewed the chief, Shuichi Oihara.




This time, we will talk about the state of Sendai in the father market, not the club.

When I asked them about the real situation, what did they say?

It is said that the average income and market outlook for Sendai itself are low.


I have been working at a dating club for many years, but this is the first time I have experienced something like this.

I heard about the low market price, if the market price was this low, I wouldn't be able to do it normally! ?


Eh, are you serious? Are you serious? Ugh! ?That's a lie! ?

The amount was so high that it caused a reaction.



Anyway, she has a nice personality and is calm.

I don't have any bad comments from all the staff nationwide, and I don't want to say anything bad about them.

He is a person with great popularity.

“Both Sendai staff members are great people.”

I've only heard of it.


I guess so, my good friend Toushan.

That's how it feels, the two of them don't have any quirks and don't give a bad impression.




The first thing that I thought was wonderful was the chief, Mr. Oihara.

It's a sense of distance, as you yourself mentioned.

Because the staff are male, they pay close attention to distance during interviews.



That's very honest...

As a member of society, as a man, as a person who carries the universe on his shoulders...

Seriously great...

That's what I'm talking about🥺✨




I asked everyone, ``Can I say this much? ”You may think that

Dating clubs are also a business, so women who are actually easy to recommend to men

That is, it is equalWill definitely lead to sales

equalwill not be canceled

It also means a woman🌎🌎


BecauseSendai men who want a reply as soon as possible

Considering that, they will respond to your offer within the same day.

Answer the questions when applying for a date properly at the time.


(Because if the date is OK!), we will confirm it again and wait for a reply.

It will take time)

That seemed to be very important.


Since the Sendai branch is not a very large branch,

During the interview itself, it seemed like there was a strong desire to hire as much as possible.


However, if the above applies to you, we cannot recommend it.

For those who don't have confidence in themselves...

your own control and

It may be better to come after you can manage it.






In the Kanto region, there are many choices, such as ``Which branch should I choose?''

There is only one branch in Tohoku and Kyushu, so there is nothing to compare.

So, this time we will discuss the perfect male image and what kind of person will suit Universe Sendai.

I wrote it (*^^*)



What kind of women are actually popular at Universe Sendai?

I tried to express it by lineage and age.


I hope you can ignore the facial features and read the atmosphere.

I think it will give you an image.


👆A rustic atmosphere that doesn't seem too ambitious


👆The impression is that you will be attracted to the oozing sex appeal.

Even if she doesn't expose herself, it feels like she's competing with her feminine side.



👆Rather than a person's likeability, temperament, and sex appeal that come from their personality

I get the impression that the battle is based on the virtues of the person.

It's just my image though.



After listening to the story,Interview/normal behavior, appearance factors,

I think it will become popular if it comes together in a comprehensive manner.

After all, there are women who I can recommend overall...


From the point where I put my bag behind me during the interview,

I think it would be a good idea to start with what you can do✨






A word from Sendai staff

While working as a father in Sendai, I think there are times when you get discouraged and think that you can only get so much money.

We sympathize with the feelings of such women.

We are working hard to ``raise standards to the Kanto level.''

than women in Kanto or women using other apps.

I will do my best to receive a lot of support and be cherished.

We look forward to your registration (*^^*)




Also, if you have any Cinderella stories or useful information, please

We will update it from time to time.

Thank you for your continued support (*^^*)




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