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This is Yuna Seki, who I know every time.

This time we would like to introduce Universe Omiya-san.

When you think of Omiya, it's located between Tokyo and Saitama, so what kind of people are there?

There may not be much of a fixed image.





I would appreciate it if you could pay attention to this and take a look.


Well then 👇 from here 




① Basic information



This is a two-person branch, which is very rare in the Kanto area.

It's near the station and easy to find, and if you've ever been to Omiya, it's much easier than me.

You can arrive at the office.



Why can you say that?

Because I have an extremely poor sense of direction❢★


It's near a safe and secure station.

So, if you are in the Tokyo area and are closer to Saitama, I think you should consider Omiya as an option (*^^*)





This is possible because we have a small number of elite people, and we are almost in charge.

This is the best branch for those who want to talk to a specific person.


③Chief characteristics (color of the team itself)


I packed everything I wanted to say into a 👆.

We met for drinks a few times, but it's true.

She herself is a caring person.

I sincerely care for the members I am in charge of.


"want to protect"

“I want good children to be happy.”This is the person who hopes.


Is there really a staff member in this industry who has been so kind to our members for such a long time?


④Welcome women




⑤You might want to turn down a woman like this.



⑥I want a man like this to come



⑦ Checkpoints at the interview



At this branch, of course we look at your appearance.

Especially focusing on the contentsTo do.



and above all“Preparation for being a dad”


It seems like you are paying attention to.




How to use:





When asked about these items

Don't show your hesitation or lack of preparation by saying "Hmm..."

A woman who can answer quickly and clearlyThe impression is that it is easy to like.



⑧I'll show you inside the shooting office



It's extremely spacious.

There's plenty of space to work and to take photos,

Even if you are claustrophobic, there is no problem at all.

The number of staff does not necessarily equal the size of the office.

The Omiya branch office proves this.


The air is constantly purified and ventilated, making it well-ventilated.It’s a company✨



Also, since it is a combination of one man and one woman,

Even if two people are together, there is not always conversation.

In fact, it may be silent.


But for some reason, it doesn't feel quiet.

Somehow, it calms me down.

Even though it's silent, it's not tense; the atmosphere is soft.

Rather than two people who don't speakTwo people who are comfortable even if they don't talkThat's what it feels like.


Mr. Nagato, the male staff member, was also very attentive.

He is honest, works in a high pitched voice, works silently, never neglects instructions, is diligent, and knows what he can do.

He thinks and acts and takes photos of the office in a pleasant manner.

I feel like a reliable junior.


It seems that women also recommend Nagato for his interviews and treatment.



⑩ Lovely couple



A very beautiful woman and a very sincere and serious man team up.

It seems to gently embrace the city of Omiya.

Don't push yourself too hard or force yourself to do something you can't do.

Don't look at people with preconceptions or colored glasses, try to see what's inside.This is a branch with beautiful eyes.


I hope they don't change.

We are looking forward to your application to our Omiya branch✨




How was your experience at the Omiya branch?

Warmth, relaxation, sincerity

Did you get it across...?

(I would be very happy if this was conveyed to you.)



What's good about the Omiya branch?Respect individualityBy the way

The staff themselves are thriving,

Pure eyes and gentle imagination.




We will tighten the parts securely, but for the sake of our members.

Expressing opinions and requests to other branches, and sometimes protecting members.



That kind of

I decided to concentrate on behind-the-scenes work to protect people's feelings.give your all

They look very attractive to me,

And suddenlytiredBoth women and men can join this team.

You can take a relaxing breakI felt that it might be.


Above all, it may be because I know the good character of the private chief.

A woman who wishes to be understood not only as a woman but also as a person, and to be treated kindly. The

There is no doubt that you will be healed.



It was a great team.

Thank you for your cooperation in this interview.

PATOLO Yuna Seki

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