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This is Yuna Seki, who I know every time.

This time we would like to introduce Universe Kobe.

The Kansai series has arrived!

I hope I can cover Osaka and Kyoto as well.




What kind of people are there when you think of Kobe?

My image is one of Kansai's most sophisticated and urban areas.

This is an impression of a town where Akashiyaki is delicious.


So what about Univa?

There is an image that women flock to Osaka.




What actually happens?



I would appreciate it if you could pay attention to this.


Well then 👇 from here 






Basic information.

A three-person team consisting of two women (female chief) and one man.

Mr. Kusumoto seems to have joined the field this fall from IT.



One person at each branch has both good and bad meanings.

A person with a habit,There are people who say that.

However, it is said that it is not in the Kobe branch, so what does this mean?

Opportunities to make people uncomfortable or make them feel like this person is not a good fit

That means less.


Most suitable for those of us who are required to be calm and look at people with flat eyes.

It's safe, but it's a quality you want to have.



Anyway, they are beautiful, Chief Okura-san and Yoshioka-san..

All the representative beauties of Kansai are here.

“How many ugly staff members are talking about this?”

I can't say anything that would make me say that.


Haha, haha, you're right.

That's the only thing that comes out.



The first thing that I thought was great was the chief, Mr. Okura.

More than girls, more than men, above all

(Maybe it's not really a good idea to say this)

takes care of the staff, that means.


And the people I work with are honest.

Do you think you are not being honest with your members?


That's what I'm talking about🥺✨



The face, the aura, the style, the fact that there are no children.

That's a shame...


Maybe the woman who thinks

You may be there.


It's okay, what makes Kobe staff cute?

You showed me something that can be used as an indicator of whether it is possible to create something cute.


Here it is 🔻




This is,Cute things you can make today.

Depending on your efforts, you can definitely aim to be the cutest version of yourself ever.


Beauty depends on continuous effort, and the staff at Kobe will support that effort.

Please understand clearly.




Some women get excited when you come.

Why did you come?Honestly, there are some women who think that way.


As mentioned above, Kobe staff do not look at the contents with colored glasses.

Even if a woman thinks something is wrong, we will listen carefully to her story and respond accordingly.


However, the person himself/herself needs to be careful about lying, cleanliness, and preparedness.

There is nothing the staff can do about it.

That's why I honestly feel like turning down such women.



Even if you say he is an understanding man, is it financially or mentally?

What kind of place is it?I think so.


Women register primarily for money. 

I think it's about men who understand.


If this is not the premise, I think the man will be shunned by the woman.




It's not even in the worst XNUMX, just this one thing.

man who can't afford


Could not develop into an adult

I was charged a cancellation fee by the restaurant due to cancellation.

The woman recommended was not a good match for me.


I think there will be times when things don't work out for various reasons.

(If it is a staff member's mistake, we will respond sincerely and we apologize for the inconvenience.)

But that,Saying things that put all the blame on women

Abusing or making sarcastic comments to the staff,

preaching to women for a long time...I can't help but think about it.


*Careful elasticity

 It may be written as.



This time I was interviewed by online mtg.

I haven't checked the size of the office or gotten a feel for the atmosphere.

I hope to be able to visit the site again someday.




Please come!



How was it?

I hope that the good things about the Kobe branch can be conveyed even just a little bit.

It's very calm, common sense, and there's not a single person who speaks or behaves in a negative way.


They are serious about even the smallest things, and each of them works towards the goals set for them.

I think this is a branch that can work hard and produce solid results.

I am balanced and take care of the members and colleagues in my branch.

I got the impression that he was watching the situation and protecting the Kobe team, both vertically and horizontally.


I hope that a wonderful woman will come to the interview.

We'll be expecting you.



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