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This is Yuna Seki, who I know every time.

This time, I would like to introduce Universe Ginza.

When you think of Ginza, you have an image of being sophisticated, fashionable, elegant, and urban.




I would appreciate it if you could pay attention to this and take a look.


Well then 👇 from here 




(XNUMX) Overview and staff portraits


We have a team of 2 people, 3 men and XNUMX women.

Chief Hara of fighting spirit, Takei in the photo, Unno with a cute face

It may be easier to remember if you use Paripi's Takasaki and Fresh Ayame.




After all, don't be afraid of the town called Ginza.

There are many sophisticated women,

By the way, this office is also home to the Universe-affiliated SALON staff.

Since I am working, it is the branch with the most staff work space and the most staff going in and out.

This branch gives you a sense of its scale.


③Chief characteristics (color of the team itself)

When I talked to the chief, I felt that he was very stoic.

This was the person who had been making preparations for me since I had told them I would be doing an interview.

I've put together a lot of data and strengths.

(I didn't have much time until the day! And I'm busy!)

A person who is polite even in small things, even in big things (interviews, correspondence, etc.)

absolutely sincere,


It was a moment when I felt that it was as expected.


④Staff characteristics

This beautiful Bob Takei is an excellent staff member who used to travel to branches all over the country because his photos were so good.

I'm not sure if there is a staff member on her right,

Please think that if she is in charge, she will be able to take the best photos.

(And if you don't get it the way you expected, be realistic.)


The same Ayame Asano, looking at the photo of the woman taken despite the short history of the company

It was a sight to behold.

And since he has a low-key attitude (I only communicate via chat), I'm sure he'll make a good impression during the interview.

The reason why she is able to stand out among the many experienced employees in the busy branch is probably because she is a very talented person.



Mr. Umino is a male staff, but his face is so cute that he can't help but look like a girl.

It's cute to a rabbit, it's cute to me, so there's no doubt that anyone will love it.

Also, the response is quick, and when it comes to things like simultaneous registration of patolo (even when it comes to things that I don't think are directly advantageous to me).

He is a hard worker who takes the initiative in his work honestly and honestly.



And Mr. Takasaki, what is this person's personality?

Paripi is loved by everyone.

If you talk about paripi or positive characters, people who have conflicting characters may be a little intimidated.

but!This person is loved despite being a gal, is it a personality?

Probably because I can drink alcohol.

Attitude that "I like people I like, not looking at people with other people's standards and glasses"

I think that's why.


When I talk to someone, I find myself unconsciously saying, ``If I can have a drink with Mr. Seki, that's fine.''

People like them...Is enviable.



⑤ I want such a woman to come



⑥ You might want to say no to such a woman



⑦I want a man like this to come to me


Listening to the story, the man who belongs to this department is the best

It had a date-ready and rich scent.



⑧This kind of man might not suit you.

In other words, for men who are lazing with precum for adults...

I thought it would make me want to say, "Hey, calm down...".

(personal opinion)


⑨Image of the woman you want to see

Easy to get confused!



(XNUMX) I will show you during the shooting office


If I had time, I would make a drawing of the office to see what it looked like.

I think I'll write from memory.


I also listened to the P-life episode, Fat Papa!

We may post it here again.


How is it?

I'm glad that the charm is fully conveyed.


Thank you all!



Yuna Seki

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