[For women] What should be the timing of receiving rewards?I don't know when it will be handed over, so should I wait without saying anything?

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How should the reward be received?

I don't know when it will be handed over, so should I wait without saying anything?


I would like to talk about



It is certain that it is safe to have it handed over first.

Usually, first of all, I think that we check each other's feelings while having a meal or a cup of tea.
From the first meeting to the hotel suddenlyBe careful as you may be accused of prostitution.

While talking and eating, we will check each other whether we can get along well with the other person.
I think it's a so-called confirmation of feeling.

If you think that you are a good person after a while, I think it would be smoother to invite you by exchanging contact information.

If the relationship develops from the same day and you go to a hotel room, etc., if you give a thank you first, you won't have to worry about what to do if you don't give it, so it's safe from the woman's side. It's true.

Having said that, there are times when a man might just hand over the money, complain about something, and the money could be stolen, so some people are thinking of giving it to them at the time of parting. I hope you are there.

Even if you don't doubt it, I think there are a certain number of men who think it's natural to give it to you when you break up.

That said, it's a bit too strong to hope for forward delivery.

As mentioned above, women feel relieved if they give it to them first, but it may make the atmosphere worse if the woman wants it strongly.

If the air gets bad, naturally men won't want to follow you, so it's not a very good method.
Especially when you meet someone for the first time and you don't have much of a relationship, if you try to stick to your own rules, the other person will pull back.

Even though I think that forward delivery is not safe in my heart, it would be better if the man understood the feeling of worrying about what to do if the man was taken away, and was conscious of building a relationship of trust. I believe it will.

I think that each club has its own rules, so basically there is a chance that you forgot to give it to someone you met while there are people in the middle, such as a dating club, or they didn't give it to you. However, in case of an emergency, if you consult with the staff of the club you belong to, they may be able to help you.

If you get to know someone directly through SNS, etc., it's a world where you protect everything yourself, so if you're really worried about it, just explain the situation and tell them politely, and some people may understand.

However, as mentioned earlier, men are also the same in terms of risk, so I think men are also quite wary, especially when they are asked to deposit money before they meet.

The promise of the conditions should always be decided first before moving.

I'm talking about what happens after we meet, so I don't envision a case where a message on SNS, etc. prompts you to send money via LINE or PayPay.

If you meet and think that you are a good person, you may develop into a relationship.

In such a case, there are various ways to call it, such as gratitude, remuneration, pocket money, allowance, but I think it will be a story of receiving some.

Regarding whether the timing is first or later, before moving or at the time of dissolution, I think there is a flow with the person on the day, the place, and the other party, so I think there is no problem with either.

The terms and conditions should be decided in advance by the two of you.

about it.
Both men and women hate to find out later that it wasn't supposed to be this way.
Therefore, we recommend that you decide in advance about the content and amount of the terms and conditions.

Especially when you just met for the first time, even if you can confirm the feeling,It takes time to build a detailed sense of value and trust.

Proceeding at a stage when both parties are not satisfied will lead to troubles later on that things weren't supposed to be like this.

If a man invited you to a hotel but didn't mention the conditions, I think it would be better for the woman to ask about it as well.

"What kind of support do you provide?"

"What do you think about support?"

If you ask like this, I think the atmosphere will not be broken.

"Well, 10 once."

If you say something like that, you may end up with "Huh?", so be careful.
I can't say for certain that there will be cases where it turns out to be "interesting!"


This time, we talked about when to receive thank-you gifts. How was it?

If you have any episodes such as how you are devising in this way, or if you have an episode in the past where you were hurt by this kind of trouble, I think it will be helpful for others. I would be happy if you could share it in the comments section.

What I always wish for

I hope that the people who want to meet properly will meet the people who want to meet properly, and that it will be a good match for both men and women.

That's what it means.
See you in the next article.See You Again.

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