[Interview] About UC member store coverage


This is Yuna Seki from PATOLO support.

After a long time, I thought about introducing a member store, and when I started up my PC, I noticed




No new affiliates to introduce


Well, let's write something different,

Just as I was thinking that, from the series Universe Club


"I read the article introducing the member store!

Please cover Universe Club (UC) as well~”


There was an instruction to

From someone who raised the plan,



"Seki-san, you really wanted to go, didn't you?

I wish I could make a job like this! ”Please call me

(Seki is currently doing a flexible company appeal tailored to the individual.)



"I'm going at my own expense, huh."

and gave me a push

With the support of the beautiful staff (Uenohito) and others 🥺✨




To i u co





Business trip decision!

ah ah ah ah ah

I'm so happy Thank you 🥺❣❣



And, in such a flow, Universe Club as one of the member stores

Let me interview you!






The question items are basically questions for ordinary member store interviews and

We are planning to do almost the same.




👇 This is the original universe groupother than Of

Contents confirmed by ♣




・ I want to know what the branch of the universe is!

・ I want to confirm the staff of the club in charge

・ If there are other items like this, there will be more demand

・Listen to this, please, etc…




If you have any questions, please contact PATOLO

公式 Twitter DM or comment on this blog

We are waiting for you (*^^*)✨



I think that there is also a recommended staff, so to that staff

If you would like us to take care of you, please contact us.


I will accept personal questions for Seki, but whether or not I answer them depends on my mood.


I hope you have any inquiries and contact 👀

Yuna Seki

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