Pre-registration has finally started!

Thank you for your help.
This is Oda from the PATOLO Division.
This time


I would like to talk about PATOLO advance reception.


This time, from the member store universe club,
Pre-registration has started to confirm the member's intention to registerIt was done.



Please wait for a while to accept other member stores such as dating clubs.



For Universe Club members, it seems that the mail addressed to existing members has been delivered,We would appreciate it if you could check your inbox, etc. for messages sent to your registered email address..










The procedure is simple, and the "Pre-registration application button” and answer the linked form.





The form will be answered within XNUMX minute.


In order to identify which member you are, we can only accept e-mails sent to you.



For women only, you need to decide the amount of tip (transportation expenses) that needs to be set in PATOLO between 0 yen and 20,000 yen and enter the number.







If you do not wish to do so, the number "10000" (1 yen) is entered as the initial value, so please leave it as it is.If you press the "application button" in the form, the procedure will be completed..




You will receive a confirmation email after applyingThis is how it works, so please check it just in case.



*If you wish to change your registered e-mail address, please contact the affiliated store (universe club in this case) directly.




At a later date, as soon as the app is ready and the account information is ready, the PATOLO management office or the person in charge of the member store (universe club staff) will inform you about login information such as ID and password.



As soon as it arrives, you can enter the PATOLO app and you will be able to use it.



Currently, we are preparing to release it so that it can be used officially from April, but if it is difficult to guide you, such as the preparation of the application being delayed, please contact PATOLO official website again or by e-mail. We will guide you.



We will continue to strive for better matching.

Thank you for your continued support.






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