[Important] Notice to those who wish to refuse PATOLO registration

Thank you for your help. I am Seki of the PATOLO Division.Since the other day, we have been sending pre-delivery emails to members who are enrolled in the Universe Club.
I would like to inform all members of the Universe Club and those who are considering
I would like to take this opportunity to write to you.

Whether you have already read the email or not, please read below.The new service "PATOLO" that we announced a few days ago Now all UC members can use PATOLO.
We are preparing for the registration work at any time.

Therefore, members who have registered with Universe Club will be automatically registered.

"I'm not thinking about anything other than the universe at the moment"
"I want to register PATOLO through another member store"
"I don't have the luxury to get my hands on the app, so I want to stop."


If you feel any of the above,
Please let us know that your registration has been rejected.

Dear Universe member, We have sent an email to your registered email the bottom of the email
[Not using patolo] Cancellation application buttonThe

By 6/30 (Friday)Please press and let us know.

*If you do not contact us, it will be automatically registered*
*If you haven't seen it, please check your inbox and spam box.

ifIf you have not received the email, please contact the nearest staff member (branch in charge).
If you can inform us of your choice of registration or refusalI'm happy (*^^*)

PATOLO Official Website
The service is scheduled to start in July.
(Sorry to keep you waiting.)
*Login information will be sent when the service starts.
Thank you for your continued support.Yuna Seki
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