Notice of change in talent fee standard price

My name is Arata Tsuzuki and I am the senior manager of Universe Club.
From November 2023, 11 (Wednesday), the following changes will be made.


● Date and time
Wednesday, May 2023, 11
*There will be no change in talent fees for dates that have already been confirmed.

・Revision of Universe Club Black/Platinum female talent fees

Thank you for always using PATOLO.

From November, the talent fee (setting fee) at Patro will be significantly reduced.
In some cases, the price is less than half the price, especially for women in the Black and Platinum classes at Universe Club.
*There are cases where female members of Universe Club are not registered in Patro, and cases where it is only displayed for male members of the upper class of Universe Club.

Also, from October 10th, the ban on negotiating conditions before a date, which was prohibited on Patro, will be lifted.
You will be able to check in advance what kind of relationship you are looking for through chat.
We hope that you will utilize the message function to reduce mismatches due to conditions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Universe Club staff.
Thank you.


Universe Club Senior Manager
Arata Tsuzuki

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