[Member store coverage] Universe Ikebukuro

Hello, this is Yuna Seki from PATOLO support.

We have been conducting interviews with member stores, so here is a summary of the results:

Introducing Universe Club Ikebukuro Branch.






①Universe club basic information + staff



② Advantages of Universe Ikebukuro


(XNUMX) Ikebukuro branch's distinctive features

What kind of person should register in Ikebukuro?



④ Make a favorite in Ikebukuro → What is your specialty?



⑤ Image of women sought by Universe Ikebukuro



⑥ Female image that Universe Ikebukuro wants to avoid

(If you keep this in mind, it's easy to recommend.)



⑦ Image of men sought by Universe Ikebukuro



⑧ Male image that Universe Ikebukuro may not suit your skin



⑨Women like this are popular at Universe Ikebukuro!

→*The clothes recommended for beautiful women and those who are not confident in their appearance will change!


(XNUMX) Office shooting scenery

→ Clean and spacious, but not too spacious, with a calming atmosphere

Most of the people are friendly, so you can relax while shooting.

👉The recommended point is"people"



bonus?I will upload a photo of the office with a clear number of pixels.






🔻 Impressions of reporters 🔻



This time, it was the branch where I felt most comfortable during the interview.

Of course, having a personal talk with the chief Maki-san is also a good way to thoroughly check the inside of the office.

It's the first time I've seen you.


But this is the first time I've felt so comfortable...!

Why is this, why is this?


That should be it, all the staff at this Ikebukuro branch,

It's very flat and friendly, and the atmosphere is like saying, "You don't have to worry about it, seriously."


Let's just lie down on the fluffy sofa, okay?

There was a feeling of being at home that made me want to lie down.


And Mr. Kayano, who is attentive (and has many good staff all over the country),

The Kanto region's most popular Mr. Omaki is here, so the newcomer Mr. Amamoto is growing and growing.

I expect that you will be working.



Also, because there is plenty of room for the number of interviews, he goes out to Omotesando and interviews at a cafe.

From the fact that he is trying new things himself, we can see a glimpse of his flexible attitude that does not stick to one method.

I got a good impression that they don't look at women and men out of prejudice or prejudice.


Except for those who don't want to be interviewed by people who are too sparkly and popular

I think it would suit anyone regardless of who they are.


It was a very nice member store (branch).

I'm pleasure to be of some help.



patolo support Yuna Seki

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