I had no idea.Regarding the case of the elderly prostitution club being busted,

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This time,


I had no idea.Regarding the case of the elderly prostitution club being busted,


I would like to talk about the theme.


When I googled it, I found the following information:


``The elderly prostitution club bust was a case that was busted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department in October 2013.
The club had 1000 men and 350 women, and the oldest member was 88 years old.This incident became a hot topic as it reflected the concerns faced by Japan, which is a super-aging society, such as elderly people dying alone and nursing care issues.
A movie based on this incident is ``Chadrinking Friends,'' directed by Bunji Toyama.This movie is an ensemble drama that looks at the loneliness of modern society, and stars Rei Okamoto.In the movie, the club's management is replaced by a younger generation. ”


The movie below was what led me to know this information.


Trailer for the movie “Chadrinking Friends”

[Movie Criticism] “Chadrinking Friends” is a hot topic by word of mouth!Questioning the existence of prostitution among the elderly



2013.Maybe I had heard the news at the time, but I had no recollection of it and was a little surprised now.

This incident was made into a movie called ``Chadrinking Friends.''


Just seeing the preview made me think about something.

Being caught means that you have broken a legal rule, so that in itself is a ``bad thing.''

I'm not sure why she was arrested because I haven't been able to confirm the details, but I imagine she was arrested because she was managing prostitution.


Although it's probably possible, I imagine that they were managing "an unspecified number of people" to "receive compensation for sexual acts as a service."


Perhaps there would have been no problem if the business operator acted as an administrator and only helped with matching, and it was up to the two of them to decide whether or not the relationship deepened after they met.That's what I think.

I haven't seen the main part of the movie, and I haven't been able to investigate the details of the incident, so I can't say anything.



Laws and other rules must be followed, so I think the above example was a mistake when considered in light of the law.

Then, we carefully check the rules, provide support within the rules, and involve business and money to ensure the continuation of the service.


However, the basics are ``connections between people,'' ``I miss human skin,'' ``I want to feel the warmth of people,'' and ``I want to bloom one more time.''


After all, I realized that even though the flame is smaller than when I was young, it still burns in my heart as a life force.



It may not be possible to use it without money, but if it makes your dream come true in the end.


Not everyone is the same when it comes to being a dad, but at the root of it all, the starting point is a simple desire to ``want to have more fun in life.''



I can't say anything grandiose, but I would like to continue to ponder this while comparing it to various problems in the world.

Thank you in the future.




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