[Manga] Trauma

Hello, this is Sekiyuna from patolo support.


Today, I would like to tell you a somewhat chilling story that I experienced when I was a junior high school student.

Basically, when I was a teenager, I had a strong dislike of men.

I think this person is one of the reasons why I absolutely hate men.




Maybe that was all that was needed.

This is just the beginning, but some people may be surprised when they see the final punchline.








I'm feeling gloomy as I write this

Maybe this (prologue) will be all that's left.

Regarding the punch line, I'm not sure whether to talk about it in space or make it into a comic.

If this kind of experience can be useful for someone someday, I'd like to try it out.


After all, at that time"He's disgusting" "Ignore him"I got through it.


I wish I had a little more sense of justice and showed him the same kind of core that I have now.

“Please stop it because it’s gross, I’m asking you to stop it for the sake of the women of the world.”

It's not even for you.''If only I could say that.


The future may have changed.

I'll draw more if I feel like it. (Or come and say hello in the space)


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