I'm really curious about the hidden bar introduced on TikTok


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When I'm watching TikTok, sometimes "Hideout BAR""Secret base BAR” is introduced, but honestly I am surprised.


And because

obscure place


It's not about a level like


Eh, is this a door?



It's like an entrance.



For example,

no matter how you look

Coin locker


But this is a door, and when you go inside, there is...




There are many things like that.



no, until now
・Luxury hotel lounge
・Reservations are required at first-time customers
・Members-only shops where only those who know the PIN can enter


I have longed for, heard about, and even been to once for some reason.


I think the fake door is amazing. .


It would be nice if PATOLO could prepare a membership space like this.


What a dream.


However,It may be a little risky to go to the first meeting on the first day of the dad activity date.



Unexpectedly, a woman has been there,

Say "You've never been there before~"I don't like empty swingsSo,


First of all, it seems necessary to explore whether you would like to go to such a place or if you are interested while having a meal or a cup of tea in a safe place..






Since it is quite elaborate, it seems that the interior cost and maintenance cost will cost as it is,
I felt that it would be nice to be able to provide a secret space for PATOLO members only.



I do not know the degree of realization, but if such a story comes up, I will talk about it again.

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