[Manga] Can women cut corners?

We become indebted to.

PATOLO Division, what exactly is investment love?This is Yuna Noseki.


Today there was an interesting question in our group's question box.

I made a manga out of the questions and the responses of the respondents.


It's called "Thread Summary Manga"!

If there is a good response, I would like to update this series every Tuesday.


In a place called a dating club or a date club.

I would appreciate it if you could use this as a reference to know what thoughts and opinions you have.


Some expressions have been changed and translated.







Personally, I think they're all very on point.

I was surprised that men's opinions were stronger than women's.

I think it's better for both men and women to have a good time 🥺💦


For some reason, it was a 4-panel manga instead of a XNUMX-panel manga...😢

If you have plans for today, please enjoy it (*^^*)

I will update again ~!


Yuna Seki

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