Are small thanks effective?

This is Oda from the PATOLO Division.
This time

Are small thanks effective?

I would like to talk about

even in private
when you go to see someone
There may be some people who come with a gift ready.


Although it is not always necessary,
As a way to convey gratitude in an easy-to-understand manner without burden,
I think the recipient will be happy to receive a small gift.



Since the other party may not be able to take it home,
Gifts that are too exaggerated may make the recipient feel a little harsh.


XNUMX. At first, we will explore whether the gift itself is a nuisance, such as whether to bring it or not, or if it is a small gift of small sweets.


First of all, are you ready to help?I personally think that the person who thought it was a very polite person.
I don't think there are many people who imagine and think that far, and I don't think there are that many.

Nonetheless, if there are XNUMX people, XNUMX people may differ on whether the most important thing is to make the other person happy, or whether it is a thing or an act, so we need to be careful.



even if you make a mistake

“Even though I went to great lengths to make homemade cookies, they weren’t happy at all!!!”

Let's stop being serious about it.



First of all, most men should be happy enough just by feeling.
Rather, I think there are times when you are happier just by feeling.
Daddy life is just a way of meeting,
This is because men may or may not have various circumstances.
Please be aware of that.



Having said that, if there was a way to start a conversation, or as a way to convey your feelings in an easy-to-understand way, there would have been something like a small gift, something like a small gift. So, I think it would be good to consider introducing it in a reasonable range.



I think it's risky to suddenly hand over things that are big, conspicuous, or things that won't go away.


First of all, I think it would be better to give him a small snack and ask him, "Was this a nuisance?" increase.


Marshmallows, macaroons, konpeito, anything is OK.
I don't think it should be that effective.
Ready-made ones sold at department stores are better than handmade ones.
It's hard to prepare handmade, but if you don't have a trusting relationship, you'll be afraid to eat it.


I don't think it's poisoned, but if I accidentally hurt my stomach in an accident, I can't pursue responsibility. I don't think it's a first hand unless you say something like.


Also, as for the possibility of being thrown away, I think it's good to have something that you don't think about.
For example chocolate.I'm sure there are people who eat it, but there are also cases where the food is simply thrown away even though it was selected.


It may not be that many things are thrown away in front of you, but I think that there are many things that are thrown away.
But that's okay.If you know that you don't want it or you can't receive it, you've achieved your goal, and if you don't give it anymore, it's good for both of you.


In the world, I think there are times and occasions when souvenirs for social greetings and company visits are thrown away untouched after the expiration date.


I think the bad thing is to keep sending them.You can't do both if you don't notice it and if you notice it.



However, when you want to give something small, it is easy to convey why you decided to give it, and the recipient will be able to understand whether you will eat it or not, so it is strange. I think you can get away with not having a bad atmosphere.




XNUMX. For those who have met several times, try to offer hints from the stories exchanged in the conversation as a feeling of gratitude.


There's absolutely no need to overdo it, and it doesn't look like it's going to go well if you're aiming for a high allowance, so I think it's okay if you don't do that.I don't think men want it.



However, if you try to do what you have (including abilities and skills) during meals, tea, and socializing, you should give up. I think it's a (present), and I think it will be appreciated.



I think that the skills, knowledge, and other abilities that you possess may be something that is a piece of cake for you, but may be so helpful to the other person that they would rather pay for it.I can't say for sure.




If you can give and take in a natural flow as much as possible, you will be able to maintain a good relationship.




XNUMX. It's just one of the expressions of gratitude, so I don't care if it gets thrown away.Think about it.



As I have already written, it is very possible that it will be "thrown away".


In advance, there are times when that happens.By thinking about it, even if it is actually thrown away, you will not think too much about it.


It's better to think that "it may be thrown away depending on the case".
So, even though the act of throwing it away itself is a burden to the other person, it would be better to separate the good or bad of giving a present from itself and think about it, so as not to be unnecessarily hurt. Uka


In this case, there is a background of a woman giving a hand to a man, so if I put aside the idea of ​​``handing over knowing that it is a burden,''


Let's dig a little deeper, focusing only on men throwing away gifts for some reason.



I think there are various reasons, but mostly

・I can't take it home (I have family at home, etc.)
・Cannot eat (allergies, etc.)
・I do not want to eat (preferences, dietary restrictions, mood)
・I'm tired of the many things I receive on a daily basis, not just as a daddy
・I do not receive it according to the policy

And so on.



But you don't have to throw it away right in front of you, right?

There may be an opinion.
I'm not sure what the other man's intentions are,
However, on the plus side,
With kindness, he accepted me in front of me,
I don't know if it will be thrown away later, so
It may have been easier to understand in a way.

slam it on the floor
step on your foot
become petty
Finally, screw it into the floor with your feet,

I don't think there are many people like that movie,
If you've come this far, there must be some other reason,

As a possibility,
There are quite a lot of such scenes in other cases,
At first, I took care of it and dealt with it later.
I'm finally tired of it, so it's a hassle
If you're going to throw it away anyway,
Thank you for providing
I can't help it, so let me throw it away
It may be something like

It sounds a bit cold, but
I give you a present, so
Thinking that whatever you do once you leave your hand is the other person's freedom,

Isn't it better not to ask for too much reaction after receiving too much?






What did you think.

This time
Are small thanks effective?

I was able to talk about the theme.




I think that the act of thinking of someone and preparing a present in a situation where you don't know if the other person wants it is inherently beautiful.


However, it is worth noting that there are times when you may put a burden on the other party.


Papa-katsu usually meets one-on-one, so I don't think it's suitable for a company visit with a hand-to-hand like the size of a hand-to-hand.


24 steamed buns per person seems to be a thirst.


Something as small as a petit gift that disappears after eating, such as sweets, might be just right.


Even if it fails, the financial damage will be minimal.


In the first place, rich people usually get their hands on things, so I think there are many people who are not very interested in that.


Anyway, I think that feeling is very happy, so it would be nice if the feeling was properly conveyed.



See you on the next theme.

Thank you all!

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