The kanji for 2023 was "tax".

This is Mitsui from PATOLO support! !


This year's kanji is "tax", which sounds very Japanese, but it has a slightly negative image, so I didn't think it was a good idea to use the kanji for "tax".


If it were Mitsui, I thought it would be okay to use the kanji for 2023 as ``open''.I was freed from the mask life.

Are you being


When I look back on the events of 2023, there were many things that made me realize that things like this happened.


I think the year has passed faster now that I'm no longer a student, but it makes me feel like there are so many different things happening in society 😮😮


However, I believe that because we have four seasons, we are able to enjoy many activities throughout the year without getting bored.

I want to go snowboarding in January (voice in my heart)


Now that I've touched on "taxes," I would like to add something important at the end...

Let's all pay our taxes properly! !Live a good life according to the law (^^)


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