[Manga about personal experiences] The moment when you doubt the other person

Hello, Universe Group

This is Sekiyuna from PATOLO support.


I heard this today at an online drinking party with my former colleague Kurono.

I drew a manga based on my actual experience.

After hearing this I


I don't know where the suspicion of cheating comes from.


I thought.

Even in situations where I feel like I'm going to lose my mind when I see this,

I hope you will be careful and take precautions.









How was it...?


This is something that can happen even in the life of a father.

Don't you think...?


・When I'm with my dad

・When you are with your family or lover


In the dim brightness, the LED light reflects off the glasses.

The other person happens to be able to see the LCD screen...


Glasses users and people who can teleport through mirrors

Please take care of yourself✨🥺


PATOLO support


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