[Experience] Weight management and health management

hello! I'm Sekiyuna, a PATOLO supporter.

Today I was thinking of uploading a blog introducing member stores.



Yesterday I felt extremely unwell and was taken to the hospital.

Moreover, Mr. P and Mr. PJ also thought that this was not someone else's problem.

I would like to introduce it in a manga.



Usually when I look at SNS,

The values ​​that slender, crisp legs are justice, great style is justice, and small faces are justice are spreading.

I often see statements like fat people are evil, it's unseemly to look at (I didn't say that much), and it's a shame.

You may even hear it around you.


The number of people undergoing liposuction is increasing year by year in Japan as well due to values.

I feel like it's natural.



So I've been gaining weight recently, and I'm trying to lose some weight from my body (including for health purposes).

Trying to get rid of toxins and fat


I tried fasting.

Yes, to achieve beauty and health!


👇Please take a look

















what the hell


Before and after, nothing has changed, just

Vomiting and coughing up blood...!



The reason why I get such a headache (improvement reaction) is probably due to my regular intake of caffeine.

And because of the high sugar intake,

I was told that it was highly likely.


I always drink coffee milk, but it's really scary sugar and caffeine...!


A small amount may be good for your body, but if you consume a large amount or it causes a burden on your body,

You create a lot of unnecessary things without even realizing it.

So my body has become a place where I store things up...


Only save money!

This is from Sekiyuna, who failed from the first day on her fast.

It was a painful experience that I felt firsthand...!





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