[Apology] I am very sorry, but my smartphone is an essential item for daddy life.

Thank you always for your support.


This is Oda from PATOLO support.


This time, I posted this as an apology for retracting my previous statement.


Previously, I was wondering if iPhone SE is good? I posted an article called.


Isn't iPhone SE good?



Honestly, the SE was enough for me to function as a phone and to carry around a small computer as a smartphone.



However, when I wrote the article and looked back on it,


I'm starting to get really worried


Start looking into it






I changed to iPhone Pro Max.




It's not that SE was difficult to use, but

Suddenly choose the larger size of the higher-end model.

I think it's probably running smoothly.

than before


I think you can take beautiful photos as well.

From before.



Because the screen is big

Because the size is large

It seems a little heavy though

As someone who inputs from a keyboard,

I think it's easier to type now.



The SE may have been a little small for my old man's thick fingers.



Well, I don't think I'll change it for a few years.


When X first appeared

The impact when facial recognition is installed

You might get confused if something new comes up, but


I will continue to use this for several years.




That was the moment I gave in to temptation.




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