Percentage of women who have worked as dads

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It is sudden,

Percentage of women who are active as dads

What percentage do you think it is?
Nowadays, even college students are working as dads.
(I know three friends who were active dads when they were in college.)

I personally looked into dad life, so I'd be happy if you could take a look!


What is Daddy Life?

I think you all know these,
Let me explain just in case.

Daddy-katsu is a relationship style between a young woman and a man who can afford it.
It is an activity where you spend time together and earn money in return.
In the sense of an activity to find a father-like patron who can provide financial support,
In 2014, the word "Papa-katsu" started to spread through SNS due to its good sound.

When I looked up the meaning of dad-katsu again,
I felt that it was a wonderful relationship that had benefits for both men and women!

Next, take a look at this image!


Let's quickly come to a conclusion!

Looking at the data by age group, 20s were the most common at 12.4%, followed by 30s at 8.8%.
Even among those in their 40s, 6.9% have experience as a father.

The overall figure is 9.36%, which is close to 10%.

in short…

One in 10 people has lived as a father

Or, it means that it is currently in progress.

Considering that 10 in 1 women you pass while walking on the street has been a father.
It makes me feel a little strange! (I don't mean it in a weird way.)

As expected, the younger you are, the higher the demand, and the higher the amount of allowance you can set.
This is probably the reason why the number of women in their 20s who are fathers is increasing.

Next, let's take a look at the monthly income of these women as dads!

Did you feel like there were a lot of people watching this?
I felt that there were surprisingly few!

By the way, only 10% of respondents are able to earn enough money to live on their father activities alone, even if you include the range from 30 yen to less than 33 yen.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that the majority (10%) answered "less than 77 yen", and more than half (5%) said "less than 61 yen".
A figure of less than 5 yen is an amount that should be called "pocket money" or "side income."

It was a man's status to have a mistress.
Now is a long time ago.I was given a luxury apartment and all living expenses were taken care of.
Diamond accessories and branded bags are given as gifts...
I think it can be said that this image of mistresses is a clear result of the fact that it is a story from the Showa era.

How was it?
From the background that it is not possible to live satisfactorily on starting salary alone in this day and age.
This may be the reason why so many women in their 20s are working as fathers!
Personally, I feel safe and secure as a father.
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See you in the next blog!
Good luck with your daddy life!

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