[Poor Dad Activity] Characteristics of men who try to lower the market price


Dad activities have also become quite popular.
Even in ordinary conversations, the word "dadakatsu" pops up.

In other words, it has become common for young women to receive financial support through relationships with older men (fathers).
However, although this activity may have the appearance of ``making easy money'' on the outside, it actually comes with risks and is highly dangerous.


One of them.
There are men who are trying to lower the market price for fathers.
This is the fact.

This behavior is unacceptable from a woman's point of view, and is something that needs to be improved.


First of all, dad-hunting should be done with the consent of the other party.


This is a major premise.

But men trying to undercut the market treat women as cheap economic objects.
In X, some people use words that are not even considered, and talk about genitals in a derogatory manner.

Examples: Masturbators with intentions, cheap holes, unbeatable pussies, etc.

This is an act that tramples on the dignity of women, and can be said to be behavior that shows no respect whatsoever.

Also, men who try to lower the market tend to make unreasonable demands on women.

For example, they may try to financially intimidate women by demanding that they only accept paternity activities in exchange for less compensation.
This is a clear violation of rights and may give rise to legal issues.


Additionally, men who seek to lower the market for fatherhood may eliminate other male options.



Equal women who are trying to do adult acts cheaply will have to increase the number of times until they reach their target amount.
that wayprevalence of venereal diseaseIt also leads to.

There are also men who seek sex without contraceptives and try to exploit them for a cheap price without consent.
There are actually men who try to get their way in a situation where they don't have money, so they can't refuse, or by telling a fictitious story to get their way.


So, what are the characteristics of men who work to lower the market price?


People who want to reduce their financial burden:
They try to offer women as little monetary consideration as possible.
They focus on reducing their own financial burden and ignore women's needs and the value of their labor.
He sometimes proposes, ``I'm thinking about 1.5 each time,'' and when a woman declines his offer, he has a characteristic of dropping lines such as ``You're a worthless piece of shit,'' and ``Remember your own worth.''

People who see women as cheap goods:
They view women as mere goods and service providers, disrespecting their dignity and self-worth.
Prioritize economic interests over emotional and ethical considerations.
It can also be seen as a manifestation of male superiority and femininity, such as "I'm fine as long as I'm good," "I just need to feel good about myself," and "I'm such a worthless whore."

People who make unreasonable demands:
In addition to paying money, they make unreasonable demands that put a burden on the women, and threaten or coerce them.
They may try to make them financially dependent, for example by asking for sexual favors for little money.

People who ignore safety:

They ignore women's safety and health and fail to provide safe environments and conditions.
They do things that have only disadvantages for women, such as forcing women to do ``NN'' at an exceptional rate, removing contraceptives during the act, and not reflecting their habits in their allowances.


People who lack ethical considerations:
They pursue their own desires and interests, ignoring ethical considerations and moral responsibilities.
For them, daddying is just an economic transaction, with no regard for women's rights or dignity.
Men who preach when they say no ignore the fact that women can say no, and often get upset and become aggressive or sarcastic.


What do you think?
your dad isIsn't this a man who tries to control women mentally and physically?
Didn't this apply to you?
If even one of these is true, you could become a man who tries to lower the market price and ignores the dignity of women.

In conclusion, I realized that there are men in the area who are trying to lower the market for fathers, and that their presence hurts women's feelings and dignity.
Since it is said that women who have the financial and mental resources are active, it is important to respect women and only work under fair conditions.

It is also important for women to recognize their own self-worth and protect their rights.
I can only protect myself. Let's keep this in mind as we work.



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