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Is that true?


I would like to talk about the theme.
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This time, the purpose of this article is not to list as many things as I can think of that will make you wonder, ``Is that even possible?'' but rather, the following was written in a certain questionnaire, so I'd like to talk a little bit about it. I would like to think about it.



What is the content of the questionnaire?

"We communicate through PATOLO's chat, and if we get along, we have a letter date."


It was stating.



To add a little bit of information, letter dating is probably a type of service that can be used for matching within the Universe Club, and the club will only help by exchanging contact information, but the matching cost will be increased accordingly. It costs half the usual amount.I think it's about the service content.



Universe Club usually has four classes and pricing, starting from the top: Black Class, Platinum Class, Gold Class, and Standard Class.


The cost required for setting up is 11 yen for black class, 5 yen for platinum, 5 yen for gold, and 3 yen for standard.
In addition, it seems that there are some people who have special prices.


This cost is the cost of a normal date.A normal date consists of a man asking a staff member which woman he would like to meet, a staff member contacting the woman and making arrangements, and a date, time and place decided on. Male and female members meet on the day of the event, and if they have any questions, they can talk to the staff.


In addition to the above-mentioned regular dating, there is another form of matching called "letter dating."
Here, when a male member applies to the staff (club) about which woman he would like to be matched with, we will check with the woman concerned, and if the exchange of contact information is approved, we will exchange contact information and respond. completion.From now on, both male and female members should communicate directly with each other.This is the content.


For Letter Date, the setting fee is half price; for example, for Gold Class, the usual 3 yen will be 3 yen.
However, with letter dates, the club will only help you with the exchange of contact information, and to put it in an extreme case, it would be fine to exchange contact information, but after contacting you two or three times, for example, the feeling doesn't match. If that happens, the match may end before we even meet.


Even if we couldn't meet, if we looked at it as a positive, we could prevent mismatches before we met, and we would be glad that we didn't have to waste time, meals, and other unnecessary costs.I understand that, but I can't help but feel like I wasted my money.



That's where PATOLO came into play.


It's a bit confusing because the mechanisms are different, but in PATOLO, sending messages using the chat function itself is free.
If you become a user, pay a monthly (or annual) fee, and become a member, members of the opposite sex can freely chat with each other.


Exchange of contact information and negotiation of allowances (allowances, remuneration) are prohibited, but there are no restrictions on communicating about the kind of person you are.


However, be careful because if you continue to chat without leading to a date, the woman may block you.
For women, there is no tip or allowance unless it leads to a date, so it seems that being pushed too hard before the date can cause psychological damage.


At the moment, it seems like the best way to do this is to have a chat, see their reactions, adjust the schedule, and proceed smartly until deciding on a date.



That's where this issue came up.


You can easily communicate via chat, instantly judge whether you are compatible based on the speed of replies, content, and excitement, and when actually going on a date, exchange contact information via letter date instead of using PATOLO. The pattern is that you can proceed freely from there.



To be honest, I don't really know if it's possible or not.
I don't really understand it, but I don't think it's written that it's not okay to do that.

One of the reasons why this happens is probably due to price.


What's amazing about people who use this method is that they strictly follow the rules that prohibit exchanging contact information or negotiating allowances on PATOLO chat.



I would like to verify this in a little more detail.



Regarding fees, it seems that within PATOLO, the talent fee for gold class women who belong to the Universe Club is often set at 5000 yen.


When comparing regular date fees, PATOLO's session fees are

・PATOLO usage amount 11,000 yen
・Talent fee 5,000 yen (in this case)
・Agent fee 20,000 yen (assuming order date to compare with regular date)
・Tip (for now) 5,000 yen
(Subtotal 36,000 yen excluding tip)

For Universe Club
・Gold class setting fee 33,000 yen
+Transportation expenses (tips)

PATOLO is slightly more expensive, but they are about the same.


Let's compare Letter Date and Auto Date.

・PATOLO usage amount 11,000 yen
・Talent fee 5,000 yen (in this case)
・Tip (for now) will be 5,000 yen.
(Subtotal 16,000 yen excluding tip)
*There is no agent fee because we are assuming auto-dating where the conversation progresses through chat.


Universe club letter date case

Gold class female setting half price 16,500 yen



For Gold Class women, the price doesn't change much.



If the talent fee set amount on PATOLO's side is low, it doesn't seem to make much of a difference.
On the other hand, if there is a price difference between PATOLO and the club, and PATOLO's set price is higher, it is likely that there will be an advantage in terms of money.



Thinking about it from a different perspective,
Usually, on a letter date, you have to exchange contact information.
I didn't know how I felt with the other person, or what kind of person they were like in terms of reply content, reply frequency, so-called responses, etc.
After exchanging contact information and establishing a letter date, I opened the door and discovered that he was extremely difficult to communicate with.This happened with a certain probability,



PATOLO's chat function makes up for this shortcoming, allowing us to first assess response speed, reply content, and motivation for activities through chat from every turn, increase accuracy, and then move on to the next step. You may be able to use it to compensate for some of the drawbacks of letter dating.



picture?In that case, since we're already chatting, wouldn't it be better to just auto-date?





It's a pain to have to switch from PATOLO to the club to operate it or make requests.

That's certainly true. .







What did you think.
This time, I would like to focus on questions such as "Is there a way to use it?"

Maybe it's just now that PATOLO is still said to be "difficult to use".


Currently, the system-related team is working on countless improvements in response to the questionnaires and bug reports we receive on a daily basis.
It is said that the design will be significantly upgraded by the end of this year.
Also, as each member store that has just started gets used to dealing with the service, pricing etc. will be optimized based on user feedback, and as things change, they will be able to use PATOLO as is.It may be. (Although we are working hard to make that happen.)


The example we have discussed this time is a method that can only be done when the users belong to the same club, and I think it is difficult to do when the users belong to different clubs.I don't think you would go out of your way to rejoin the same club as your partner, so in that case, I think it would be smoother to proceed with matching using PATOLO.




Also, if you have any information that you are interested in, I would like to share it at any time.

Thank you in the future.



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