New Year Greetings

♥New Year's Greetings♥

happy new year

Thank you for your kind support this year.




When I woke up in the morning in the new year and looked at my LINE messages,

In 2023, from everyone I met to prepare the story (excluding X)

Happy New Year LINE has arrived.



Honestly, that's what I thought.

It's amazing how few people send things to me from New Year's Day.

That's what I thought because I'm not a pro project but a story making project.



I don't have any fat people, so of course I won't be like the one above.

Even when I am in a story making project, I get contacted like this.

For those who usually make a living as a father, or for those who are thoroughly active as a side job.

More and more messages, LINE, text messages, apps, etc.

I'm guessing that you're probably receiving a lot of calls...


Even though I'm not an office worker or a secretary, I think of a message for each person.

It's very difficult...


What I realized in 2023 when I really started PJ as part of my work

How difficult it is to take care of PJ and allocate time to each of them.

No, it's better for men to interact.


I want to win it with PJ-chan and the others.


I think some people are taking PJ because they want to take it too.

I think it's mostly because they want you to continue seeing them regularly (to secure your treatment).


Most of the time you will find it a hassle.

The more regular customers there are, the more people you can communicate with.

It takes a lot of people and time to take care of it.




Wow that's so hard

That's right! ! ! !




I sincerely respect you, PJ-chan.

I can't, because I don't care if I can't see you anytime. Because it's a hassle.

I'm not very picky either, so it's difficult for me to adapt to others.


He does this in a way that suits people's sense of distance and atmosphere.

Amazing, genius, now a secretary. I have great respect for you.


I wish I could truly love the old man in front of me.

These days I really want Sukip.


In 2024, he will continue to speak his true feelings while spewing venom in a life-sized manner.

I will do my best to become a staff member who can support both P and PJ.



2024 goals

・Speed ​​up and register on PATO➡Report

・Register as a PJ to also interview Mr.♣

 (Actual report)

・Increase what you can do in your work (new)


Is that so...

I'll do my best.


Earthquake since the beginning of the year, disaster at the airport, and early New Year wondering if Japan will be okay...

These days are heartbreaking, but I hope that you who are watching this are okay.

Thank you again this year.


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