[Manga] About items covered by member stores

I am always indebted to you ✨ This is Seki from the PATOLO business department 😊 Well, we have completed all the interviews for the member store interviews, so we would like to proceed with the upload from next week ✨ Common I will list the confirmation items so that you can check them again.

Club basic information
▼ Business days and hours
▼Interview location
▼Shooting location/method (tool)
▼Current number of members
▼ About the staff
(atmosphere, gender, etc.)
▽ Points I want to appeal
About the management policy of the club
・ What kind of men are there (if not, are you looking for them?)
・What kind of woman do you want to register?
・What kind of women do you not want to come back?
・ Do you mainly specialize in teens for both men and women?
・Where would you like to focus your efforts in the future?
Images of the atmosphere of the interview location, etc.


Please refer to it✨



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Have a nice weekend ♡

Yuna Seki

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