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Seki: What have you been doing since you went to Tokyo?


Child K: I was working as a receptionist at a hospital run by a relative.

Working hard from (Monday) to (Friday), monthly income is around 20Because it was

In Tokyo, Fukuoka's sense of money is not enough

I gave up relatively quickly, saying, "If this is the case, I should do a different job."


Seki: Ah, before you find your next job?



K: That's right, I thought it was a lucky day.


Seki: (It's complicated when I think about my relative's uncle's feelings...)


K child, work immediately after moving to Tokyo (quit day job)




Seki: After that, did you find the job you wanted to do?



K: No, that's what I want to do...

work or marriageIt was.

I went to Tokyo to get married.It was a little rough, though.


Seki: Eh!Was it so! ?

Ah, but in the end it was successful, wasn't it?



Child K: Oh, that's right. She married a man seven years younger than her.



Seki: Eh~~~~~~! ! ! !very! ! !Good young master!

How happy are you now? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?



Child K: Uuu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~n,

It's subtle.

But my husband really likes the way he looks, so I'm glad I came out (to Tokyo).


Seki: I envy you.




Child K,

I'm happy because I registered with the host at the time and had a good face.






Seki: Come to think of it, what did you do after you left the hospital?


Child K: Soap.


Seki: Eh, seriously!You used to do deli, but didn't you say you didn't want soap?


K: You said that lol



Seki: Hey, why are you doing a job that you can do in Fukuoka again in Tokyo...?



Child K: It was because my current husband (boyfriend at the time)'s older sister and sister-in-law invited me.




Seki: Eh! ?I often invite my brother's girlfriend! ?




KChild: Eh~~ (laughs) Somehow, in the atmosphere, it's called "Prostitute"

It seems that an aura is coming out (laughs)

For some reason, even if I didn't do it for a certain period of time, it would have come out.


Well, I quit my day job at the time and didn't have any money.

I wonder if I can make money efficiently at this time.

For the time being, I began to think that something had to be done.



Seki: Anyway, I was introduced to my boyfriend's older sister's place of work, and it's amazing how I thought about working there with her.

I hope someday I'll be forced to tell my boyfriend


K: You think too much (laughs).



Her boyfriend's older sister introduced her to Awahime.





type of work to date


Worked at Soap after working at Deriheru and En.

And meeting at the universe music club 👉 Papa Katsu.

It seems that when the money finally ran out, he started working on photography.



Well, if you want to earn money in Tokyo, there are as many alcoholic beverages as you want,

There are many, and if you are a woman and are motivated, you can earn a certain amount.

K child.



how much did she live on

I asked him about the pros and cons.





① Deriheru (Fukuoka time)


60 minutes 7000-8000 yen



Benefits👉The shop will protect you if something happens


Demerit👉HygieneI'm curious.

You may be dispatched to the other party's house, etc. If it's a clean house, it's fine, but sometimes it's a ridiculously dirty room.

👉 and get chlamydia





② Soap (in Tokyo)

50 minutes 7000-8000

Benefits👉customer servicewas very good.

There was a feeling of cleanliness, and I didn't mind the unsanitary feeling.

You can rely on the people in the shop when something happens.


Demerit👉 Become a venereal disease (chlamydia).

Because it was a store type, waitinglonelinessIncomplete. ⇒ get sick

At most 8 people a day, when there aren't many, there are times when I'm alone,


③ Shooting system


She seems to have appeared in AV, but she was also a model who personally shot.


・Portrait 👉3000-5000/1-2h

・Swimwear, underwear👉8000/1-2hrs

・Nude 👉10.000/1-2h



Merit👉Emotionally, people say things like, “Cute, nice, nice,” etc.

A beautiful photo is completed, so I'm excited.

Self-affirmationsprings up.

Be aware of your own charm that you are not aware of yourself.


Disadvantages👉leaked imagesRisk of, the other party may get excited and touch



④ Daddy activity


Amount 👉 really depends on the person

About ¥30.000-40.000 on average.

Some people sometimes negotiate with ¥ 20.000


Even though I think it's not worth it, I accept it because it's better than 0.


Merit👉A relationship of trust can be established.

You can also negotiate the amount according to your asking price.


Disadvantages👉It is hard to separate because it is believed that there is a relationship of trust.

The sense of distance will be buggy, and the time will become irrelevant.

It's not even work, so I'm confused.


At first, I think this way of meeting people and receiving money is good.

There is something mentally cool later.

At first, everyone is kind, but I'm worried because I'm getting more and more possessive and demanding more.



Each has advantages and disadvantages




Is there anything you would like to tell pj, who is about to start?

I want to make money working at night!Thinking about it, I tried many kinds of things.

I'm going to get a flat tire beyond my capacity❣

Decide that this is the main thing.




What would you do if you could go back to who you were 10 years ago?

I think I was working at night, but if I could go back to the past now

a little more time and what to doI wish I had come with a visionI regret it.

When I was a student, I think I should have found what I wanted to do.

Or until you can't find anything you want to doif you studyWas good.



So Pikatsuya night work is not recommended for fledgling PJs?

No, I don't think so.

If an inexperienced person is wondering whether to do it or not, at that point

I'd rather not

If you're going to do it, it's better to do it thoroughly.

If you can't do it thoroughly (halfway) and you can't do it on a regular basis

I want to tell myself at that time that the repeat in the manner of customs does not follow.




Please give encouragement and advice to the PJ who decided to do it!

First of all, broaden your horizons ~~~~! ! (Dialect *expand)

Touching various things when you are free and able to move.

To get money, you need knowledge and wisdom ~~~~! ! ! ! !

I want you to have a life that is not swept away except for your own will! ! !

Go for it ~~~~~! ! ! ! ! ! !






-Finish the interview-



It ended with that feeling, but yeah.

As a staff member and as a friend of Kko, I have a digression.


I don't know the details either, but she was working in a sex industry.

Besides chlamydia,


・Chocolate cyst



surgery twicedoing.

The exact cause of chocolate cysts is not known.

For hydrosalpinx,Chlamydia is the most common causeThat's right.



Therefore, it was difficult to conceive naturally, and at that time it was not yet covered by insurance, so I paid my own expenses.



Because internal fertilization is difficult, only in vitro fertilization is difficult.

He said that it cost about 150 million yen in total, including everything else.



"This child cost a lot of money."With a wry smile, she has a completely mother's face.

Still no facial expressions.





in addition“I wish I had had a proper gynecological examination.”I regretted it.



Earning quick money is risky

The disadvantages sometimes outweigh the advantages

=You lose more than you gain, that means.



Of course high risk high return.

Pikatsuya night work is sparkling and has a dream,



Because I have a dream

Our business is established and we have branch offices all over the country, and other clubs in PATOLO

You are joining us.

When a man who has registered actually meets

Each one is a person of character, gentle and wonderful.



However, for women who are planning to get married or have children in the future,

"Well, how are you?"Please don't wash away your emotions and the pain of your body.



About all possible things you can do to protect yourself and your family (future)

I want you to think before you decide and act.



On top of that, Auntie

It feels like it's not good for me.

It was a sad interview that made me think like that.



Everyone please make a decision that leads to your own happiness ❣

Cough, that's all.



Yuna Seki, Common Mother of the Picatsu Neighborhood

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