[Actual record] What I thought after working at night, Pikatsu ①

Sometimes, or even always, time is cruel.




When I thought that I was born just recently, my student days




Ah!In the meantime, youth




Go!It ended soon after.




Kuh...!While I regretted it, my 20s will soon come to an end.





I want to tell people in their 10s and 20s now.overwhelming facts.




Youth ends in an instant, that means.




Forget the delicate worries of adolescence that seem to last a lifetime in the moment you blink


The next step is to face the reality in front of you.




When I approach my thirties, I think that if I do that at that time, I should do this.


Tarareba doesn't just fall on bachelors


People who work at night, especially in the Pikatsu neighborhood,


to my second self,I don't want you to feel the same as meAnd

do better, What you think.




I've heard such real voices✨


*This article does not deny customs.




Kko is a former friend of my childhood friend (🚺).



my little friend,

aka Hajimestarted around the early 20sjunior in manners and customs

He was introduced as a friend to me, who has no particular prejudice against manners and customs.




Because I often drank on my way home from work,

I used to bring kko with me.





We used to have sleepovers.



Such a k child was around when he lost contact with Hamaj who changed the box to another store.

The number of people contacting me has increased.





"I admire Seki-san, I want to be like Seki-san."

For some reason, she started telling me more, and my habit became her habit.




If I say I work at Universe

I went to the Universe Club to register as a woman,

And I want to work as an employee (I can't enter via me lol)





If I say that the man I broke up with became the host

in the next moment

"I got a host boyfriend"I have been reporting.





Somehow, I thought you were a child who chose something similar to what I chose, maybe I was mistaken.





a husband who has met her




"She seems to have a cough."because he said

It was a warm feeling that he liked me.

(Is it really a Hokkori EP?)






One day after such a few years, she suddenly

"I'm going to Tokyo!"Said.





When asked why Arasa also came to Tokyo in Arasa




"Because I also want to find a job that I really like,

I've decided to work as a receptionist at a relative's hospital."




I felt lonely, but it was auspicious.





A few years later, in May 2021.

On the day after the entire universe training day ended, I thought I was living in Tokyo, so I called him to see if I could join him.





"Actually, I'm pregnant now, my husband's child."receive a report.


While trying to hold back tears

That day I was the one who fanned the wine alone.




Saitama prefecture, no, I live in Saitama, but I met him again in Ikebukuro.



When kko was in fukuokadead hollow eyesI'm doing

Lamenting that they cannot earn money, it is difficult to read their emotions,

Mount was a woman who wanted to get a woman she didn't know.


It was a nostalgic pleasure to hear that I could meet such a k child after a long absence.




Did she change after getting married and having children?

Did you find the job you really want to do in Tokyo with dreams?


what is she doing now?



















She had become a baby soap lady.


to be continued

*This article does not deny the manners and customs, especially bathhouses.

Yuna Seki

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