Unforgivable dirty jokes

I don't know if this is true not only in daddy activities but also in blind parties and situations where people of the opposite sex meet.

"Oshimo's story"The existence of is familiar.


It depends on the relationship, but if it's a first meeting, 1:1, or a message.

There are different types of dirty jokes and how they are perceived depending on the situation, and there are unpleasant dirty jokes and refreshing dirty jokes.



Especially when it comes to daddy activities, there is a possibility of talking about "adult" things through messages.

It's a kind of dirty joke, and there's a good chance it will make the other person uncomfortable if you bring it up.

When it comes to things like this, the impression you get can change just by the way you say it, and sometimes it's better not to bring it up in the first place.



"I shouldn't have said that." "I should have said it a little differently."

Please read this as a reference so that you can avoid such regrets.



I believe that there are several factors that divide dirty jokes into unpleasant and pleasurable ones.





③Character of the person

④Contents of dirty jokes



What do you think?

Are there any moments that come to mind? By the way, I am very grateful.




First of all, regarding the situation, this is basically a question of whether or not you understand TPO.

You need to consider whether there are people around you who are listening, especially your own parents, small children, and adolescents.

People who are told dirty jokes unconsciously“How could this person say such things in a place like this?”I think.



It was also a joint party where we met for the first time, and in the presence of my co-workers,

``Why would someone make such a public statement in an environment where there is a possibility that it could affect their relationship with each other?''It makes me think.



Even with occasional feedback from dad activities,

``I felt embarrassed because I was saying dirty jokes out loud in front of other people.''

"There was a lack of dignity in the conversation, and I felt uneasy."Even if it is not frequent,

I think the reason I hear it regularly is because I misread the situation, especially the TPO.




No matter what I hide, I am also a woman who loves dirty jokes.

He likes to talk dirty to both men and women, and he especially likes to use harsh words.

However, I don't use it at all when I'm meeting someone for the first time, we aren't good friends yet, or the other person doesn't have a deep sense of intimacy with me.



It's better than someone with whom you have to explore each other's hearts.

I don't even show my dick to the man I want to get close to (my favorite).

I feel like there are many men who don't particularly tolerate dirty jokes from women to men.


The same goes for men, if they keep their development in mind.

I think it's better not to say any dirty jokes at face-to-face meetings or at meals beforehand, at least until things develop for the first time.



On the other hand, if a man you're not close to makes dirty jokes at you, respond normally as long as it's not offensive.

The kind of relationship that makes you think, ``What the heck is this guy being rude?''


“I feel like I’m going to slip = it’s going to be a negative for me.”For content,



"Hmm? What?"

I pretended not to hear that.

And when it shakes again, again

"Huh? What? I can't hear anything."I asked again.




Even so, if someone doesn't realize it, doesn't read between the lines, or doesn't give up and rushes forward with the same content,

“Look, this dowel goby is saying things that my ears can’t hear!”

And so on.



At this point, I was completely showing my true self (of course, the other person was also turned off by my bad mouth),

You may be unconsciously deciding that there is no potential for development with that person.


Someone I'm not particularly close to anyway

It is basically difficult to say dirty jokes that will make people laugh or make people feel good.



Most people wonder who you are because you haven't been able to build a relationship.

Even if we say the same thing

It's hard to make people laugh, it's easy to make people uncomfortable, and sometimes even their humanity may be called into question.

I would like to ask challengers to submit dirty jokes to anyone other than those they are close friends with, knowing that it is a high risk.




③Character of the person

This is a pitiful story, but it makes even dirty jokes seem funny.

Someone who can turn dirty jokes into entertainment.


There are some people who cannot convert anything they say into fun or sex appeal.


No matter how much you change your words, there are still people who make you feel cold or creepy.

Such people are alreadyIt's better not to talk dirtyI have to say.


When I thought about what kind of people would give such an impression (changing the way they spoke wouldn't work), this was the case for me.


I can see some kind of ulterior motive.

(The more there is a gap between the original character and the words, the more)


I wonder if the dirty jokes are based on ulterior motives, and the cowper that comes from ulterior motives is leaking out. This is a complete omission.

That's not my intention! I was just trying to lighten the mood!The excuse isIt doesn't work.


What should I do if I try to calm down and create tension?

If you really want to calm down, try something other than dirty jokes.


Because he wanted to develop, he added dirty jokes to the extent of jabs.

In the first place, what should I do if it is judged that I am not good because of that dirty joke?

I want him to be a gentleman of the royal road and walk the right path.


By the way, most of the harsh words I say are aimed at me.

This lack of dignity, and the fact that I do this while looking normal and normal, creates an even bigger gap.

I have been pulled away from many men and have been told "no".

I just want to say that people who are close to my character should try to avoid the Itasam character by giving a thumbs up.



④Contents of dirty jokes


When I thought about why the same dirty jokes are received so differently,

In terms of the content of dirty jokes


"Content that hints at development with yourself"

"Calling sexual parts and stirring up realistic imagination in an unpleasant way"


is easily disliked.


For example, the word itself


uttered by men"Pussy"is harsh when it comes from a woman.

No, it may be harsh even if a woman says it.

"Pussy Ooku"Things like this that don't make sense are even harder.


Dick and cock are still good.

For some reason, the ``dick'' is tight. Why is it so. Is this literature?



In normal conversation,


"I was surprised at how cute it was! I think she'll be popular."

Although I can say that,


"I was surprised at how cute she was! I couldn't help but get an erection..."

Personally, when I hear this, I want to run away.



Also, if you have a sexual episode of your own,"When it happened"This expression gives an elegant impression.

``Ostamen'' and ``pistil'' can also be funny depending on how you say them. (compared to our company)



The worst example is


"I put my dick in her pussy and made her scream."


This is it.

Speaking as if you had done something to a particular woman is okay if you are talking about people of the same sex, but it is not appropriate in situations where people of the opposite sex are involved.

It's not good when people of the opposite sex are watching.


The day I heard this in real life“Shut up, you creep.”You might say that without thinking.

If you ask me, I would like you to seriously reconsider.



Also, dirty jokes that express your desire for a specific person in the form of a desire,

To the other party"The act of rubbing your dick against a woman who doesn't like it."It is better to think that it is close to .

It's almost the same as a pervert.





If you want to say dirty jokes,


Better to pay close attention

I think it's easier to develop because it doesn't make the other person uncomfortable.

Maybe it's safer not to develop it for the first time? That's the story.


It's more fun to tell nice dirty jokes with someone you feel comfortable with♡

I enjoy drinking with my female friends every time♡



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