Starting a dating club: Know-how learned from success stories

Starting a dating club: Know-how learned from success stories

Although the social club industry is highly competitive, there are some successful establishments. Learning from success stories can help you manage your own store.

Common points of popular stores

Successful dating clubs have the following in common:


differentiation strategy

A differentiation strategy is necessary to survive in a highly competitive market.


How to acquire customers

The following methods are effective for acquiring customers:


monetization model

There are two main monetization models for social clubs:

An hourly system is a system in which customers are charged based on the amount of time they use the service. The nomination system is a fee system where customers designate a specific hostess to use.

You need to combine these systems to create a monetization model that suits your store.


Success stories

Store Ais a social club for women run by a female manager. We have gained many female customers by providing services that pay close attention to detail from a female perspective.

B storetargets wealthy customers with its luxurious interior and high-quality hostess service.

C storeis a community-based social club. By actively participating in local events and campaigns, we have become familiar to local residents.



When opening a social club, it is important to understand customer needs and provide services that meet them. You should also develop a differentiation strategy and consider ways to acquire customers.

By referring to success stories and building a management strategy that suits your store, you will be able to get closer to success.


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