[Introduction of member stores] Secret Club

Club basic information 


▽Secret ClubCustomer




▼ Business days and hours 

Open all year round (when the owner is awake)

▼Interview location

The flow is LINE exchange → Send profile information → Input → Date and time adjustment → Interview (basic offline)
Cafe at the East Exit of Shinjuku StationInterview (about 15 minutes)


→ If you have a photo taken by another woman or a photo taken in a studio, use it for the profile creation photo. , and ✨

Shooting location/method (tool)
If you have a partner studio in Tokyo, we will respond there



▼ Photo shooting example



▼Current number of members
Female: 300 (active users) ~ 1600 Male: 100

▼ About the staff
(atmosphere, gender, etc.)

Owner:Haruka Ito


It is run by a single woman.
actually in shinjukuyourself as a player


as if being flashedglitter girlswas.In fact, the owner is a woman, so I think she treats women in a friendly manner.

▽ Points I want to appeal

There are many women, and various women have registered 🙇‍♀️

For women who register here, we change the sales method according to gender, so
We can handle any type of person, such as a woman who cares about her appearance, a woman who wants to do business widely.

About the management policy of the club


→ Large number of members → Being able to consult with female owners → We are affiliated with other clubs, so registering with our company has great merit → We put effort into interviews, but they are completed in a short time

・ What kind of men are there (if not, are you looking for them?) 

→ Those who are accustomed to handling women → Those who play beautifully → Those who can obey the rules
*I would like to refuse those who ask questions without sensitivity*

・What kind of woman do you want to register?

→ Those who are confident in their appearance
→Person with courtesy and common sense

・What kind of women do you not want to come back?

→ woman backing up
→ A woman who tells lies that nobody wins

・ Do you mainly specialize in teens for both men and women? 

→ 19-35 years old (female) There is no particular age group for men.

・Where would you like to focus your efforts in the future?

→ I want to continue to push forward so that women and men can register and become members.


▽ Staff comment

A beautiful glittering woman
The owner's secret club.

It's really kind and beautiful, and it's like a model for PJ.
It was the old man.

The interaction is very feminine and cute,
Friendly owneris being done

You can rest assured that your personal information will not be confirmed by more than necessary people.

neverthelessaffiliated clublooks,Unique Connection (Male)Because there is
Not only patolo but also other referrals are powerful.

Also, I am conscientious because I can give advice from a female perspective.

"I want to make various proposals because you will register at my house."

She made a statement that captured the original thoughts and struggles of a woman.

Women living in Tokyo (especially the Shinjuku area)Feel freeI think I can interview and register.

Please refer to the offer.



Yuna Seki

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