June 06, 2023

Fraud confirmed!

I'm going to pay over a fictitious billing phone number, so please let me know your address.
I was persistent and got hung up
This is Matsuzaka from the new type of matching "Investment Love" PATOLO business department (*^^*)


PATOLO's membership site opened today🎉





We are very sorry for the members who have been waiting for the fraud of opening like a closing sale.
We apologize to the merchants who were unable to use the management page until just before the opening due to maintenance.

There are already more than 9000 registered members, both men and women, and we are happy to hear that it has been exciting since the opening day.

Members can chat for freeSo please log in and send a message to that person you care about ♪

Supporters meet talent
Talent meets with supporters
Merchant earns more


I would be happy if you could enjoy it



Feel free to judge whether it's a scam or not♫

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