[Column] Is it possible to balance love and being a father?

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About balancing love and being a dad

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Love and being a dad are two different types of relationships, but it seems possible to balance both.But maintaining balance requires careful planning and communication.In this article, I would like to take a look at how to balance love and being a father, the advantages and disadvantages, the problems that tend to occur when balancing both, how to deal with them, and things to be careful about.


How to balance love and being a dad

  1. open communication: By having open communication with your partner and father-in-law, you may be able to keep both relationships healthy.

  2. time management: It is important to allocate time appropriately for love and fatherhood.Create a schedule and stay balanced.

  3. self-confirmation: It's also important to check your feelings and goals and understand which relationship is right for you.


I picked it up a little forcefully on the premise that it would be compatible.

If you don't think about balancing work and life in the first place, or if you think about what would happen if you tried to balance work and life and think you don't want to do it because it might cause trouble, it might be better to stop trying to balance work and life.

Or, it would be the opposite of open communication in step XNUMX, where the truth would be hidden from both parties, and they would proceed with the intention of taking it to the grave.


Once again, I would like to list the advantages and disadvantages of balancing both tasks, and examine whether it is really necessary and whether I can do it myself.


Advantages and disadvantages of love and dad life

Advantages of love:

Disadvantages of love:

Benefits of being a dad:

Disadvantages of being a dad:


Personally, of course there are patterns in which one decides to do the father life, but I think there are also many cases in which a person has had a similar experience in the past and is trying to recreate it.


Regardless of whether or not there was sex, I think there are various forms of support, such as being treated to a meal, pocket money, or being bought something, but if you have ever had such a partner, , I may not have even thought about being a dad at first, but in the end, I ended up having someone who was like a dad.


It may be easier for such people to judge whether they really need something or not.
If your past relationship was good (something you felt was good), you would want to do it again, but if it wasn't such a good experience and you feel that it's not suitable for you or feels strange, It seems better not to do it.



Troubles that tend to occur when balancing love and being a father and how to deal with them

I would like to think about

  1. emotional confusion: Emotions can be complicated in both relationships.It is important to maintain an appropriate distance and sort out your emotions.

  2. Jealousy problem: Your partner or father-in-law may feel jealous.Let's seek solutions through open communication.



Points to note when balancing love and being a dad

What can you give?

  1. Prioritize your own happiness: It is important for both relationships to pursue their own happiness and fulfillment.Take care of yourself.

  2. appropriate choice: When choosing a partner or father-hunting partner, choose carefully and think about building a relationship that will benefit you.


I'm sure there are many other things I could mention, but if you have any past episodes, I'd be happy if you could tell me about them in the comments section.



What did you think.

It's not difficult to try to balance love and being a father, but to actually make it work consistently requires proper communication and the skills to prioritize your own happiness.To keep both relationships healthy, be sure to check your own feelings and goals, and make appropriate choices and strive to maintain balance.


Please think carefully about whether or not it is really necessary to balance the two before making your decision.

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