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Book: Reportage Papakatsu What are they selling?A third relationship called a social club

I would like to talk about


First of all, I would like to quote the content of this book from Saizusha's website below.


``Daddy-katsu'' is a type of activity in which women go on dates with men and receive financial support in return.Perhaps because dating has become more casual compared to the days when it was called assisted dating, there is a ``daddy activity boom'' among young people.Under such circumstances, ``social clubs'' that introduce women who are active fathers have suddenly begun to attract attention.The author actually works for a dating club management company and has the experience of interviewing women who are trying to register for a club and men who are potential patrons.
This book introduces the behind-the-scenes of dating clubs and the reality of the men and women who gather there.We also conducted individual interviews to explore their humanity.What were the men who became fathers looking for?What were the father-active girls selling who ended up having sexual relations with their fathers?A full-fledged reportage that approaches the real life circumstances of modern fathers.

[table of contents]
Part XNUMX: The world of dating clubs
Chapter 1 “Ranking” of dogmatism and prejudice
Chapter 2 The real situation of girls who are active dads
Chapter 3 Men gather at a dating club
Chapter 4 Behind the scenes of the dating club

Part XNUMX: The true feelings of men and women in dating clubs
Chapter 1 A woman who fits into a mistress, a wife who cheats, a woman who divorces
Chapter 2 A man seeking love, an unfaithful husband, a giving man

[Author biography]
Manga artist, columnist, love hotel critic.
Born in 1976.Originally from a remote island in Kagoshima Prefecture.
After dropping out of high school, she worked part-time as a member of a theater company, working at a used bookstore, a gas station, a convenience store clerk, a hostess, a real estate agent, a bunny girl, and an SM queen.
After making his debut as a manga artist at the age of 22, he continued to make a living by working as a department store jewelry salesman, an entertainment office, planning, management, advertising, and human resources for a telephone fortune-telling site, a crab specialty restaurant, an udon restaurant, a marriage agency, a transportation company, and an app. Experienced in various jobs such as development, video production, and handyman work.
This book was written based on the experience of a father-hunting interviewer for about two years.

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In this article, I don't want to talk about what's good or bad, but I just wanted to introduce something I came across while strolling around the dad-katsu app area through PATOLO.So, if you're going to read it, I'd like to write something that might be recommended for these kinds of people.



Reportage based on interviews

The author originally worked as a columnist as a love hotel critic, and has already published several books in the past, sharing and disseminating the actual situation based on interviews. This is the person who is.


In order to publish this book, we have been conducting interviews with the staff of social clubs and concierges, looking at the work they do and conducting interviews, as well as interviewing users.


So, I'm interested and want to know about the reality of "dad life."I think I can recommend it to those who say so.


I would also recommend it to those who are used to printing.
In fact, if you are not good at reading text, you may not be able to read it completely, so in that case, I think it would be better to gather other information such as searching the internet.



This is not a strategy book for dad life.

Perhaps for those who get their information from books and other paper sources rather than the internet, this book may be an opportunity for them to learn about dad-hunting, learn about the existence of dating clubs, and think about actually trying out one. I don't know.


But basically, as I wrote earlier, it's for people who want to know things like ``the reality of dad life'' and ``the reality of the world,'' and those who are in a position where they think, ``Wow, this kind of world exists too.'' I think it's for people who read it.


In other words, if you're thinking, ``I'm thinking of starting Dad-Katsu, but I want to be successful in Dad-Katsu, I would like to know information about success methods and winning strategies.'' If anything, you should actually experience Dad-Katsu. It is better to gather information from the stories of successful people.


I'm not saying that it's not helpful, but if that's the case, it might be better to collect the voices of people who are active as users on SNS etc., if you are assuming that you will become a user. I don't know.


However, regardless of whether the information on SNS is intended or not, the expression may not be accurate, so it may be referred to as ``talking about things'', so please analyze it calmly. We recommend that you do so.



The second best thing to do is to ask someone you know, and the first is to try it yourself.


When you think about it, the best thing to do is to get to know directly the men and women who are currently involved in father-hunting activities and hear their stories.
In other words, it would be nice if you knew someone who was active as a dad.
I'm sorry if you're not in a position to hear such things. (It's fine to ask about dad-hunting, but I don't want people to say things like, ``Huh? Are you trying to do dad-hunting?'' as if they're trying to exploit my weakness.)

Even so, I think that things that are difficult to tell others are hidden, so in the end, you may have to experience it yourself and respond flexibly.



So what do you think?
This time, I tried out a book called ``Report Papa Katsu''.
If you are interested, why not pick up a book?


It's not worth the effort to read the print carefully.If you are familiar with him more easily, the video below talks about dad life from various angles through this book, so I think it will be helpful, so please take a look.


Thank you for joining us today.

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