I-I'm short of money... .

After the year-end and New Year holidays, work for 2024 has begun.

This is Mitsui from PATOLO support! !


The year-end and New Year holidays are the season when expenses tend to increase.

My biggest enemy in terms of finances is"Impulsive buy"is….


Ever since I was a child, I always bought a ``lucky bag'' for New Year's Day, but every year I regretted it.

However, people still want to buy it.Saga(laughs)


I'm a cashless person, so I always use electronic payments or credit card payments for my everyday transactions.

Every time I make an expensive purchase with a credit card, I think about something.

That is, "I'm sorry about myself next month...'It is 😮

You won't be billed this month, so even if you make an expensive purchase, there will be no damage.


However, when the next month rolls around, I explode with anger and say, "Don't underestimate yourself from last month!!!"


I'm sure you've all had a similar experience, but it's important to manage your spending 😭


The new year has just begun, but your wallet situation will change at the same time next year.It's warming upI hope so 🙏


PS. Mitsui's New Year's fortune was "Nakayoshi".


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