[Report] I was invited to the Bay Court Club.

Hello, don't skip the moment

I'm Yuna Seki, a cute and cute girl whose purpose in life is free high-end food.


How old do you have to be to be like this eternal junior character?

Will it continue?

More so than people who are watching this think,Because that's what the person in question thinks

There is no doubt that you are feeling lost in the darkness and direction.


Now let's write.



First, I received this invitation on a certain day in November.

From my friend PJ-chan


``When my P talked about Oseki-chan,


“I’ll make a reservation at the restaurant in Bay Court, so let’s have a girls’ night out.”


He said, can I go? ”


An invitation.


"Let's go!!!"

I answered immediately.

At the same time, let's ask PJ to tell us about the things that make us dream.That's called

Without hiding his ulterior motives, he brought them to the forefront and eagerly awaited that day...



And at first glance, it was blonde pudding.

I just look like a “Yankee wearing a dull sweatshirt in a rural ion”

In my current state, I plan to reform myself to become a neat girl.



First, I went to the beauty salon.

Blonde hair no matter what.And I forgot to dry her hair the day before.

This quality is because I fell asleep.I'd rather die.


(Bifo image)


It ended up looking like a squid game costume...💦



And I opened a new beauty salon in my place of residence...

When I told the stylist in charge that I work in the love-hunting industry,

I was really pushed when there was a miraculous encounter doll (I don't feel uncomfortable)



In fact, I believe that I was able to get married because of that doll.

It was so funny that I couldn't help but burst out laughing as he talked so desperately.


How cute is this person? She's around 50 years old, but she's such a cute person.

Well, maybe even without that doll.

I think I probably met a really nice person.


When I got home, I felt like buying a doll that would make my wishes come true.


By the time I got in the car, I had forgotten even the name of the doll.

While feeling nervousWith a shiny and shiny hairstyle

I was looking forward to the match...


By the way, after.




I was able to darken it like this from a sparse state with bleach (highlights).

There are no images brought in,


“I want to quit being a Yankee, so please give me a neat hairstyle that will go well with this outfit.”and ordered.


After all, I think colors other than blonde make a good impression, like yankee soon.

Young girls are not well-received by both old men and men.

To be honest, blonde hair makes me feel calmer, but I decided to reincarnate as a neat type.


This is what it looks like on the outside 👇




You get fired up before a date (girls' night out).

Hair, nails, date clothes... souvenirs...

Even if the hairstyle is neat and clean, the nails are like this.



(The nail image is so detailed that it is completely custom made)


Her clothes are all black, and her nails are sparkling.


This is what's inside, so will it really be possible to become a neat person?

It's something to think about.



By the way, I got my foot nails done by myself instead of at a salon.



But that's what it is, trying to change, trying to look good to be popular with men.

This mindset and action are important❣

I'm great!If you read this to the end, you're even better!


To the girls who work hard every day, various preparations are required.

I can only take my hat off to you, let's do our best together!


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Yuna Seki

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