How long do relationships last? ?

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This is a sudden question, but I have a question for you all...

Do you have any friends that you can call your best friends?


I think each person's answer was, ``There are so many that I can't count,'' or ``Maybe one or two people would go.''


I have some doubts here.That's what a "best friend" is.


To be honest, the line between "friends" and "close friends" is so ambiguous that there are many cases where you thought you were a "best friend," but the other person only thought of you as a "friend." ?


Are your classmates from your school days “friends”?Or is it Dad's "acquaintance"?


“Yo friend.”...someone who greets you when you pass by, but never speaks to them

This is a word I often heard when I was a university student.

Human relationships are often"3 years is the borderline"I hear the word.


Whether it's at school, at work, or as a lover, it's rare for a relationship to last more than three years.

If you have known someone at school for three years, you will likely continue to have a relationship with them even after graduation, and if you have worked together for three years at work, you will likely have built up a good relationship.


What I'm trying to say here is that if you've known a friend for over three years, shouldn't you think of them as "best friends" rather than just friends?about it.


What do you think?Thinking like this will increase the number of people who can be considered “best friends”!




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