Summary of test operation questionnaire results

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This is Imai from PATOLO support.


Prior to the PATOLO release,

The other day, we conducted a trial operation with the cooperation of a pilot user.


■ Purpose of test operation
・Obtain opinions from users after actually operating the system
・Suggest improvements based on your feedback
・Final check to ensure that no fatal defects occur


■ Functions you tried
・Order date
・Auto date
・Message function
・Point purchase (male members only)
・Application for chip transfer (female members only)


For dating, we tried a series of flows from application to evaluation of the other party at the end.
*The part about finding the first date partner is not included this time.


■ Questionnaire results after the end

Opinions from male members




Opinions from female members




* Only those who have agreed to the function improvement questionnaire posting permission will be posted.


Looking only at the functions of the membership site,

For men, the profile creation screen is

For women, the tip transfer application screen is

It seemed to be the most difficult to use.


In addition, the order date application screen and the difficulty of using the chat function, etc.

We received many valuable opinions.


We would like to thank the pilot users and merchants for their cooperation during the unstable system.

We are now in the process of reviewing it internally and making improvements and corrections for those that have been GOed!

More on that another time...


We will continue to work on system improvement, operation flow and rule maintenance.
I would like to improve the degree of perfection and deliver happiness to all users.
Thank you in advance.


PATOLO support

Saki Imai


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