[For men] If you are using PATOLO effectively, don't forget your profile and photos.

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This is Oda from PATOLO support.

This time


[For men] Those who are making effective use of the site do not forget their profile and photos.


I would like to talk about the theme.




Dear male supporters reading this article,


Do you have your photo set?




In the case of dating club services, there is no profile setting for men, there is no photo shoot, etc., and there is a lot of flow to meet women face-to-face when they meet directly on the first date. There may be many cases where there is no image.




However, in PATOLO, female talents and male supporters check each other's profiles.




Therefore, from the woman's side, if the person who received the date invitation message or the person who is planning to date has no profile content and no photos, the feeling of anxiety will increase.



It is possible that you will be unsatisfied before going on a date, and that you will both be wasting your time on the day.



Therefore, the pattern of refusing from the female side is also increasing.




There is absolutely no problem if the photo is not intended to make it look better, so please register the life-size photo and profile information of the male supporter on PATOLO.



This prevents mismatches, wastes time and money, and increases the probability of building a relationship with the best person while respecting each other.



Just a profile, but a profile.
I would appreciate it if you could complete your profile so that it would be a waste not to lose your impression just by not setting your profile picture and profile information.




This time, I would like to continue to touch on the profile picture.




What is an example of a good profile picture?


In short, I would say the following three points.

And so on.




The pictures below are examples of profile pictures.



As a point, you can check your face and overall atmosphere, and it is easy to convey your personality.



There is no need to forcibly cross your arms, cross your legs, or decide on a pose.


For those who wear a suit for work, it may be better to wear a suit than plain clothes, as the expression will be more natural to the crisp look at work.



If it is difficult to take a picture of your face, I think it would be good to take a picture of your profile or your hobby.





If you have a particular hobby, it might be a good idea to use photos taken during your hobby time.






What are some examples of bad profile pictures?


It might be easier to give a bad example.



And so on.


The quality of the image itself is worse than the visual of the person, which is a painful place for the viewer.


A bad example photo can be just as intimidating, if not more, than no image set.




It doesn't have to be a plus, it's totally fine, just by setting a normal photo so as not to step on the landmine of NG photos, you can prevent a negative start without a photo.




I don't think it's worth the effort to take a picture, but if you haven't set a profile picture yet, I hope you can set one that looks good from the photos on your smartphone.




Thank you in the future.

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