5 characteristics of popular dads through dad activities

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My name is Utsumi from the marketing department.
It's been getting quite chilly lately, and have you ever felt like you miss people?
What I think at times like that

I want to be popular with girls

That's all.

So, this time, I will introduce 5 characteristics of dads who are popular with women!



1: Forgiving attitude

Popular dads have a tolerant and inclusive attitude.
We understand and respect the desires and goals of dad-hunting girls.
Your attitude of accepting other people's opinions and what they want is attractive.


2: Financial stability

To be a successful sugar daddy, you need financial stability.
After all, women who are working as fathers often have financial problems,
Most women choose to become fathers for this purpose.
By providing financial support,
There is no doubt that you will be respected!



3: Communication skills


This applies to everything, not just dad life.
When it comes to daddy activities, men and women are often separated in age,
Daddy needs to lead.
And if you don't have good communication skills to lead, you'll end up looking unreliable.
We value open and transparent dialogue, sharing feelings and requests, and building relationships of trust.
It is important to have an attitude of trying to understand the other person through communication.



Feature 4: Attention to the needs of sugar babies


Dads who are popular with girls understand women's needs.
Do you have financial problems, want to gain valuable experience, or want to expand your network?
Offering emotional support, time, sharing common hobbies and interests, etc.
It's tempting to put the other person's needs first.



5: Muscle training


If you do muscle training, you'll definitely be popular with daddy girls!
Middle-aged people who gain weight only around their stomach can make them look like an old man, but
You look younger just by having a toned stomach.
Furthermore, there is data that shows that muscle training activates hormone secretion and metabolism, which makes you look younger.By training your muscles, you can not only improve your style but also have anti-aging benefits.
For daddy girls, you can become a dad who is ``younger than you look.''





How was it?
If you focus on the above five points and put them into practice,
You might be popular with girls who are active dads!
Let's get through this cold winter!

See you in the next blog!
Good luck with your daddy life!

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