The person who sent me a message on PATOLO will ask me various things about other dads.

I'll be busy,

I'm Sekiyuna from the Universe-affiliated PATOLO division, and support inquiries (without permission).

Today, I would like to answer some questions sent to the Dad-Katsu Anonymous Question Box.


I hope that both those who are deeply interested and those who are not, will read it.



>>>Yes! Is possible.

Join the Universe Club

For men in Platinum class and Black class:

PATOLO registration fee (monthly membership fee) is free forever.

Therefore, I think those who join platinum or above can use PATOLO at a better price.

*Gold class and Standard class members will be charged the regular rate.


Regarding PATOLO, there is no class division, so even standard and gold students

With Universe, you can also make offers to higher class women!

However, there is a monthly fee (11,000 yen), so if you plan to use it for several months, we recommend signing up for platinum.



>>In conclusion,

The correct age is listed, but the date of birth is not disclosed.

However, when your birthday comes, your child will be automatically added one year older, so

Until yesterday I was ○ years old, but today I am △ years old...Is today my birthday? There may be times when you find out your birthday by chance.

Also, since the constellations are listed, you can probably guess what month it will be in.



>>>The person who sent me a message on PATOLO will ask me various things about other dads.

That in itself is fine, and I answered honestly, such as how many people I had met.

I was told something to the effect of, ``When I asked the club, they said you still have offers from other players.''
My question is, if I ask the club, can they tell me about the offer situation for these women?

Does this mean that women cannot hide it?
Also, I honestly felt uncomfortable being probed like this even though I was giving the truth.

Is this something you all do normally?



>>>Here, for example, while adjusting the settings, due to timing and flow.

“It seems like this person already has plans for this date💦.”I have something to tell you.

But,There are basically no staff members who have already decided on ○ settings with another person.. (Sorry if there is)

Basically, I will not be able to tell you the specific number of offers I have received in the future.

But is it really popular based on the flow of the conversation? Inquiries such as how many people have you met so far?

Whether it's within one hand or both hands... there's a possibility that we'll tell you about that.




By the way, as a side note, there is also a specification where you can no longer view the profile after meeting.

(Even though this setting was made so as not to interfere with each other as to whether they continue their activities or not.)

Our staff will not go out of their way to tell you that offers are ``still'' open.

There's no way you can say something that isn't beneficial for both parties.


Perhaps the man was saying it as a jab,

I think this is a case where a friend of yours has joined the service, and he/she can see it, and you were able to confirm it by showing it to him/her.

And there are some people who don't care about other people at all, and honestly there are people who care about them to the point of obsession.



Either way, the staff

Don't go out of your way to say things that might get you in trouble.,

I hope you keep this in mind.




I recently started using PATOLO, but when I am asked questions about allowances during conversations before we meet, I don't know how to answer. 

I can talk about it normally face-to-face, but when I write it down, it feels a little too graphic. 

I understand that you want to check first, so I would like to answer with sincerity, but should I simply return the amount I have in mind? 

How are you all doing?



>>>>Well, some men say, ``I want you to honestly tell me the price.''

I think there are some people who want to know how money and allowances feel and want to make a decision based on that.

Personally, I think it's best to answer by assuming some pattern of what the person is asking about.

If it were me, I would say, ``I have a strong desire to meet men who I think are good in terms of allowances,''

I would like to match the recipient's wishes as much as possible✨" and if you want to know the amount at that time,

I think the question will be something along the lines of, "If you don't mind, could I please tell you what Mr. ○○ wants?"


How was it? 🥺✨

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us as we will respond officially.



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