What is the difference between Pikatsu and Enko?

What is the difference between dad-hunting and compensated dating?


This is an article I wrote a long time ago.

About a year later, I decided to write about the same theme again.


I've learned this past year.

How many people mistakenly think that being a dad is a compensated relationship?

How much does the presence of men who treat women like masturbators undermine the spirit of women who are active fathers?


There are many cases that make you want to look away.

I would like to reiterate once again that there is a difference between being a dad and compensated dating, and that there are huge differences in the way they are perceived and the way they are perceived.



A word that is often said in the dad-hunting community.

If you are going to enter this area, be prepared.

There are so many people who say that.'s true that I don't understand, but if I were a man I would think so.

If everyone had become adults (deep relationships) with the same person, or if there was a world line that forced them to do so,

It's no longer P-life, it's compensated dating.



As I wrote before, compensated dating (prostitution)

"Having sex with an unspecified person"


Daddy life


``Women have the right to choose whether or not to develop with a specific partner,being given the option to decline

Having a relationship with a specific person (regardless of whether or not there is an adult relationship)




In other words, dad-katsu cannot absolutely force someone to do something sexual.

They both have feelings for each other, and they have the property of being able to work together.


So, for example, if there is a woman who is sexually open,

I was able to form a deep relationship with Mr. A the first time, but for some reason I was reluctant to meet Mr. B and ended up having dinner with him several times.

There are many cases where people refuse,


Mr. A is good-looking, so I have met him many times for less than usual.

I don't want to deal with Mr. B even if he offers me 10 yen, so I either decline or ask him to negotiate.There are cases where.


Another thing I often hear is,

I always do it at 4, but it would be too much of a burden for me to do it at 4 with this person (even if I refrain from doing something).

If it is difficult to pay more than that, the cherry blossoms may fall because there is no connection.


The opposite is also true.


If a man tells a woman that he doesn't think it's worth spending time with her, whether it's sex or food,

No matter how much a woman asks, there are times when she refuses.


No matter how much attack mail (commonly known as atame) a woman sends, some men ignore it as read.

If we both agree on the day, we'll develop things, and in 15 minutes, we'll hand over money and go home.

That's what it means.



In short



Development will only occur when the hearts of men and women and the amount of money they each desire match.

That's what it means.



On the other hand, compensated dating is

I will do this, and I will definitely receive this amount of money in return.

That's the rule.


That's what it feels like. No matter who the person is or how tough they are, if you do this in this amount of time, the customer will give you this amount of money.

I don't go out on dates with customers, and I don't have to go out of my way to ``woo'' or use tactics to develop my business.

There is no need for any PR from men to try to get women to like them. services and compensation for them.



Whether you find it easy or boring depends on the person.

There are people who are suitable for compensated dating and people who are suitable for fatherhood.


And I feel a sense of emptiness in such a bland relationship like the one above, where time and services are sold separately.


``I don't like compensated dating, adult entertainment, or stand-up.

  I want a normal kid who enjoys things other than himself and those activities.”There are many men these days.



Even if it seems like the ultimate goal is still sex

The style of compensated dating tends to be aimed at ejaculation within a given time,

There are many men who want to spend time with this girl, not just physically.

The fact that there are men who don't need to be in an adult relationship to be able to spend time with this girl is a fatherly lifestyle that compensated dating doesn't have.




I hope that you will work in a style that suits you.


To summarize the differences between dad-katsu and compensated dating...


-Women have the right to choose

・Differences in the range of relationships

・Is it developing with an unspecified number of people or with a specific person?

・Physical relationships are not the only purpose



What did you think?

If there are any other topics you would like me to write about, I will write about them.


I hope all women become oil kings🥺

I hope you have a good weekend ❤



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