[Love Psychology] How to send a LINE message to get back together with your ex-dad


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fine?I am a mixed bag.


I feel so tired lately, perhaps due to the accumulated fatigue from the summer...

If only there was a handsome man who could heal my fatigue at times like this...

I think about this, but my wishes are in vain and I can only try to please myself.

I am such a single woman...!



Now, I want to get back together with Mr. (P) who broke up with me,

I'm sure many of you also have the desire to build good relationships.


At such times, the so-called Zaoral message is quite important.

Depending on the content you send,


``Are you looking for money again?'' ``Has the good money gone?''What

There is a possibility that you might think so.


So what kind of content should I send?

I drew a manga from a psychological perspective, so please take a look _( _´ω`)_゚ッ













How was it?


No matter what purpose we met, as long as we both have feelings for each other,

・I couldn't be happy

・I wonder if he was cherished (=loved)


If the people really get along well with each other

I was surprised to find that both the person who left and the person who was separated were equally hurt by this feeling.


It's like providing care to overcome that wound.

There is also the point that if you do not send a message with content, it will be difficult to get a response rate or get back together (in any form).

It was a point that made me realize once again that this is true.


How was it?

I will try it too, so please try it too _( _´ω`)_゚ッ


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