June 25, 2023

What if you were to quit P-Katsu?Considering the timing of quitting and how to live after that


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What if you were to quit P-Katsu?Considering the timing of quitting and how to live after that


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Some people choose to become a father as a means of receiving temporary financial support, but there may come a time when they think about quitting.In this article, we will discuss when to quit being a dad, how to live after quitting, how to make use of what you have gained, and the traps that you tend to fall into and how to deal with them.



When is the right time to quit being a dad?

  1. Goal achievement: If your goals and financial needs for starting dad-katsu are fulfilled, you can consider it time to quit dad-katsu.

  2. safety concerns: If you are worried about your safety while working as a father, it is likely that you will prioritize your own safety and choose to quit.

  3. Emotional changes: If your feelings with your partner change and the relationship is no longer compatible, you may respect your feelings and quit.



Thinking about how to live after quitting being a dad

  1. New goal setting: After you're done being a dad, why not set new goals and focus on your future career, studies, hobbies, or personal growth?Some people may even consider quitting for that reason.

  2. financial planning: If you want to make good use of what you've learned from being a dad, you may need a solid plan here as well.If you don't have anything left, why not make a plan for what to do next?

  3. Self-growth: If you can take advantage of the experience and skills you gained through being a dad and connect them to the acquisition of new talents and knowledge, you will feel like everything was not in vain.If the reason for quitting was due to trouble or other negative factors, that in itself is very unfortunate, but I hope that people will try to plan their future based on that experience.



How to make use of what you learned from being a dad

  1. economic knowledge: Utilize the financial knowledge you have gained through being a dad and think about asset management and investment in order to achieve financial stability in the future.I think being able to experience the ways of thinking of people of different ages and positions was helpful in many ways.

  2. Improving self-confidence: If your self-confidence increases after becoming a father, you can recognize your own worth and improve your ability to assert yourself.

  3. Building relationships: It may be difficult to make direct use of the relationships you have with the people you met through dad-hunting, but if men are willing to support you as you retire from dad-hunting, you will have the opportunity to make new friends and business contacts. Let's take advantage of it.



Traps you tend to fall into after quitting being a dad and how to deal with them

  1. Breaking away from economic dependence: If you are dependent on a large portion of what you earn from being a dad, life after retirement may become difficult.It's good if you don't have to worry about your income by changing jobs, but if that's not the case, prioritize improving your skills and building a career in order to build an independent and economical life rather than enjoying freedom. .

  2. loss of emotions: After quitting being a dad, you may feel a sense of emotional loss.In case of an emergency, make good use of the support of experts and communication with friends to sort out your emotions and balance your mind.

  3. plan for a fresh start: After quitting being a dad, it's important to make a plan to take a new step.Here's how to deal with it.





The timing of quitting being a father differs from person to person, but it is important to prepare for the new stage and make a plan to build a stable future.Being flexible to emotional and financial changes and pursuing personal growth and happiness are the keys to success after quitting being a dad.Whatever path you choose, take care of yourself and move forward toward a bright future.


I hope that it will be one of the best experiences in your life.

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