June 02, 2023

What are the points that beginners of P-life should pay attention to?

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Points to keep in mind for new dads


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Daddy-katsu is an attractive option for receiving financial support, butIf this is your first experience,Caution is required.In this article, I would like to break down the points that beginners in fatherhood should pay attention to in order to be successful.Please use this as a reference to enjoy a safe and fulfilling life as a father.


  1. Clarify your goals and aspirations
    Before you start your life as a father, clarify your goals and wishes.Everyone has different goals, whether it's financial support, mentorship, or a close relationship.Be sure to understand what you want and find a father who matches that.

  2. Learning how to meet and communicate with dad
    Communication with other people is important when it comes to being a dad.By honing your dating and communication skills, it will be easier to build good relationships.Show interest in the other person and try to communicate openly and honestly.

  3. Thorough risk management to avoid getting involved in troubles and crimes
    Being a dad comes with risks.To ensure safety, take measures such as confirming the other person's identity in advance or using a service that allows identity verification, and choosing to meet for the first time in a public place.Also, be transparent about your money transactions to protect yourself from fraud and fraud.

  4. Knowing when to cut ties with dad
    Daddy relationships are often temporary.If the relationship is no longer compatible with each other or the goals have been achieved, it is important to end the relationship at the appropriate time.Know when to cut off to minimize emotional strain.

  5. Clarify money transactions
    Set clear rules when it comes to money exchanges.Avoid disputes by agreeing on support, compensation, payment methods, etc.It's also important to remember to show your gratitude.




Being a father can be a safe and fulfilling experience if it is planned and carefully done.The key to success is to clarify your objectives, thoroughly manage risks, and value communication with others.Even if you are a beginner, you can enjoy being a dad with confidence.

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