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Thank you for your help✨ This is Yuna Seki from the PATOLO division of investment love✨

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Following this series, I was in a hurry and jumped up to that time.Face-to-face and first impression!It's Hen.

What was your first impression of the man you met on the app?!

Please take a look 🥺




By the way, as for the clothes, I added that it is around XNUMX

→ Knee dress
→ Loewe mini bag (shoulder)
→ about 5cm heel
→Natural makeup

We participated in!I used a make-up keep spray, and I used a weak perfume that appeals to men, not a high-bra type perfume.I wondered if I could make the perfume strong and puffy at the cafe 💦 The other person was very clean, tall, and didn't stink, and had a very good impression.It was a fifty-five person (*^^*) Next time, I would like to acknowledge what kind of conversation I should have to get excited, and what topics to start with if you are not used to it✨ Thank you for your continued support (*^^ *) Yuna Seki
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