[Manga] We will hold a pikatsu group party

Hello, this is PATOLO support.

Talking alone for an hour on space streaming and never getting bored of it

It's very difficult to do it in an interesting way,



YouTubers, comedians, and people who make a living just by talking

These are the days when I realize once again that they are really amazing and I have to respect them.

Lately, whenever I have free time, I listen to comedians' radio broadcasts and Spotify broadcasts.


It is very important to know your personality.


And when it comes to knowing personality, it means interacting with the people in X and

Knowing the personality and promoting PATOLO


I tried to plan something called a dad-hunting party.

This is a project to match men and women who applied on Twitter (X) in a group date with allowances.


We are doing our best.

The number of members is 4:4 + me, 9 people.

What kind of drama will unfold there?


I would be happy if you could check it out this time and use it as a reference for your manga.













...Reality is always cruel, isn't it?

The final battle will be on Friday, and it doesn't matter who is popular or not, it's a matter of envy.

We hope you will look forward to it.



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