June 06, 2023

[Question] What is the difference between Pikatsu and Enko? Daddy life

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PATOLO Division, let's understand the meaning of investment love this yearI'm Yuna Seki, and I'm sorting out my chaotic brain.

I'm going to write a sentence that I don't know this year too.

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Here are some of the most common questions I see while wandering around Twitter.



Enkou, the so-called EnjokosaiWhat makes Pikatsu different?


What is the difference between prostitution and prostitution?


I will try to write accurate information (based on Wikipedia)

I'm sorry if there is a different part💦


Below is a Wikipedia quote.


Prostitution is the act of having sex for the purpose of obtaining compensation.

So called because it "sells the spring" (a metaphor for affection).The gender of the male or female receiving the compensation is irrelevant.

The antonym ``prostitution'' is originally read as ``baishun'',

Since it is not possible to distinguish it from ``prostitution'' in terms of phonology, it is often read as ``kaishun'' in the yuoke reading in order to distinguish it phonologically.


prostitution = selling (body)
Prostitution = buying (body)



Anti-Prostitution Law (Law No. 31 of May 5, 24)

The Anti-Prostitution Law defines “prostitution” as having sexual intercourse with an unspecified partner in exchange for or with the promise of compensation.”

“Managed prostitution” = Organized prostitution such as a brothel


Compensated dating

It is one of the forms of dating between men and women in which sexual acts and dates are performed for the purpose of money.The abbreviation is Enkou.

OutIt is often done through dating sites. They sometimes have sex with people under the age of 18 and are often raised as child prostitution.


p activity (papa and)

It is an activity in which a wealthy man called "papa" goes on dates such as eating, watching movies, shopping, etc., and receives money as a reward.

If the age group of men is young, it is also called 'elder activity' [12]. It is different from ``enjo-kosai'' in that the male group has more financial leeway and that the activity itself does not require a physical relationship.

It is common to receive money as pocket money, but depending on the size of the amount, some women agree to have sexual intercourse.

Business forms that support papa-katsu are called dating clubs and date clubs, but Japan's largest dating club Universe Club created the word "papa-katsu" to spread awareness and change the image of dating clubs. .


Well, it's no exaggeration to say that the names and systems of these things have changed subtly over time.


What is the difference while there is a big common point that it develops into an adult relationship?

Prostitution is "having sex with an unspecified partner"


Pikatsu is

“Women also have the right to choose after determining whether there is a possibility of development with a specific partner,

given the choice to decline,To have a relationship (whether or not there is an adult relationship) with a specific person.”




In that sense, the category of managed prostitution is completely different from Pikachu.

So, for example, it's a common story that women who work in brothels are extremely guarded when they're shiny (because they can choose themselves).

Conversely, even women who have never done such work at work"This person will be fine"After going on several dates with

That's what it means.


Therefore, among men"Prostitutes are NG, but PJ who has developed experience is a normal woman"There are people who say...

"A woman who can develop with herself will not develop with various men without regard for this or that."I don't understand why the idea is...



A man who resents a woman who cannot develop,

Why go to the trouble of choosing the perfect woman instead of going to a brothel?This also leads to the questionI feel like 🥺



on the net"I was told that sugar dating is illegal. Will you get caught for sugar dating?"There are also women who are consulted with

At the moment, even if there are ordinances to crack down on dad activities,there is no law.



Conversely, even if the act involves the risk of being involved in some kind of crime,

There's no law to protect usabout it.


With the risks these days, I think it's important to protect yourself.

Also, I think I'll write about the law later if I have the chance ✨🥺

I'm like this, but thank you for your kind support 🥺♡

Yuna Seki


A year later I wrote about the difference between Pikatsu and Enkou.

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