let's take a picture on a date

What to do if your partner asks you to take a photo during a date

If you're going on a date with your boyfriend, there might not be any problems, but if you're going on a date with someone who is like a father and you're asked to take pictures, you might be a little concerned.

Men may not often ask you to take photos at your own risk, but if you quickly decline an offer from a man who is in the mood to take a photo, Some of you may be worried that your mood is going to drop and the atmosphere on the date is going to be bad.


This time, I decided to think about the risks of taking photos, regardless of whether or not I should refuse.

I hope this will be helpful if you are asked to take a photo during a date.


Now let's start the main story!


XNUMX things to think about


It is a commemorative photo that records the fact that you were together, but the image data of the photo is also owned by the other person, so even if you are careful, there is a possibility that the other person's carelessness will lead to your identity. Likely.

For example, you posted it on SNS with a light touch, or you showed a photo to your friends because you wanted to brag about it.

That's how it gets across to people, and people find out.What can you think of?


It's almost the same as being exposed, but the possibility that the image data will spread through SNS etc. is not zero.

Considering the routes of leakage from your own smartphone and leakage from the other party's smartphone, the risk can be said to be doubled just because the information is shared with both parties.

・ Get into trouble

If the other man has a partner, there may be cases where trouble develops.

Also, even if you have multiple father-like people, there is a zero chance that your relationship with the other people will deteriorate if it becomes known that you have refused to meet them because it would be inconvenient for the other person. Maybe not.


Basically, taking a commemorative photo during a date seems to have no merit, but if I had to point out a demerit, it could lower the other person's excitement, worsening the relationship, and as a result, making it impossible to receive support.What a place, such as.

However, if you are concerned about the risks of taking photos, I think it would be best to just decline.Even if you put up with it right then and there and it's OK, the end of your patience is that the relationship will eventually become strained and you'll end up severing ties.

Even if the relationship doesn't last because of your refusal, I think it's okay to think that it was destined to be that way.

It may be that you find it difficult to refuse, or that you are not in the mood to refuse.

I think communication will go more smoothly if you are more careful in your expressions, but I think you should proceed based on your own feelings.

Will something bad happen if I take a picture of them together?It's very tiring to live with such worries, so I think it's natural to never force yourself to adjust.

To be honest, I don't really want to take pictures because I'm afraid I'll be exposed, but is that a bad idea?I don't think it's a problem to tell them straight.

"No. I never shoot."

I don't think there's any problem unless it's an expression like that.

If you are threatened with something or get into trouble, I think it would be a good idea to talk to the club as soon as possible if you are a person who has been matched with someone in between, such as at a dating club.

I think it depends on the time and situation, but someone from the club may ask the other person, ``Is something wrong?''

I think just hearing your voice has a lot of effects.

We hope that this will lead to good encounters for both men and women.Oda

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