picture? The name is Patrona!

Find your ideal partner for each “purpose”
Complete flat-rate matching service


picture? The name is Patrona!





I would like to talk about the theme.



Yes, there is.

Similar names.



I don't know which is faster, but

I guess Patrona has been around for a long time?



Patro has just started.

It hasn't been a year yet.


*When I checked, it seems that Patrona's service started in December 2021.




Completely flat rate system for 2,980 yen per month!?





I'm so excited that I don't know which side I'm on, but I think it's a good idea to try it out for a little while and it won't be too stressful.

What's more, even for men, registration is free and there doesn't seem to be any cost until you use the chat function in earnest.





In fact, there is a movement to introduce a "free membership" system in Patro as well.



I'm not sure what the name will be, but


To use PATOLO, you must register with a member store that is currently affiliated with PATOLO.

In other words, after receiving an interview with a member store, an account will be opened.



However, with this, you won't be able to start using it immediately when you want to, so it will require some effort.



We are trying to introduce a ``free membership'' system to help users quickly start using the service whenever they feel like it.



As it is currently still under discussion, there is a possibility that it will change later, but the services that free members can use will of course be more limited than those for paid users.


Specifically, if you are a free member, you can contact or request a date with members of the opposite sex who are also free members, but you cannot request a date with users who belong to an affiliated store. You need to become a paid member.


Such restrictions are being considered.




The procedure to become a free member is simple and easy to complete online using your smartphone, so you can create an account without having to attend an interview.


You will be required to fill out your profile and submit your ID.


Please check the rules on the membership site before you begin using the service.





I hope this will be an opportunity for you to start PATOLO.


Once it has been officially decided, we would be happy to provide you with information.


Thank you in the future.








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